My Experience in Sahaja Yoga

My Experience in Sahaja Yoga began in Dehradun, India, in August 1999. I spent four months in Northern India as a semester abroad program for my college. I was studying Asian Studies at the time. We were a group of 20 students traveling and studying together on this program. And one girl on the program was practicing Sahaja Yoga for 6 years. She gave meditation meetings to the rest of our group once a week to share her knowledge about Sahaja Yoga meditation. Well, Melanie, the girl who introduced us to Sahaja Yoga, had been to India several times before, so she made contacts with other Sahaja Yogis in India. And, on one weekend we went over to one of the yogis house.. And that's when I decided that I wanted Sahaja Yoga in my life. 

The expereince I had in this yogis home was one I will cherish for the rest of my life. One evening before going to bed, Melanie and I sat down for meditation. By this time, the auntie and uncle with whom we were spending the weekend with had gone off to sleep (or so I thought). Melanie and I sat down for meditation. And as soon as I sat down and closed my eyes, I felt a gentle tap on my right shoulder. Naturally, I opened my eyes thinking that it must have been Melanie . But it was not... So, I thought nothing of it, and closed my eyes again. Soon after, I felt the tapping again. So I again opened my eyes, and looked over. I was puzzled and didnt' know what to think of it. So, I dismissed it again and closed my eyes for meditation. Then a third time I felt the same kind of tapping on my right shoulder, and this time I also saw a quick glimpse of Shri Krishna near my right shoulder. 

 Can you imagine what I thought! What could I have thought? I've never had this experience ever! But that was just the beginning! Because after that I started feeling the kundalini energy very slowly raising up my spine. In Sahaja Yoga we come to know of 7 main chakras (energy centers) that are along our central nervous system. Well, the kundalini energy moved up my spine so slowly and deliberately that it felt as if it was passing through 14 energy centers rather than 7, that's how slowly and deliberately it was moving! It felt like an electric shock, but soothing at the same time. When it reached my 6th center on my forehead, the energy just shot up to the seventh center and someone (I later came to know it was auntie) put her hand on top of my head. I was in the state of deep meditation. It was so silent, and I was completely aware of everything. More aware then I have ever been in normal everyday life.

 Just writing about this brings back such good memories. That has been one of my strongest experiences ever. During this time, I had been practicing Sivananda Yoga, which was more of a hatha yoga (physical exercise). However, after discovering Sahaja Yoga I never felt so complete, so full of joy and peace as I had that night. That is what I had been searching for. And I actually found it. Shri Mataji says, that the only criteria one needs to awaken and expereince, and become the spirit, is our pure desire. Also, the seeker needs to be with someone who has the correct knowledge. And this someone is Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. She is the greatest blessing of all. 

 All of you reading this who are seeking the Truth, seeking the knowledge and bliss of the spirit, I strongly urge you to try Sahaja Yoga Meditation. It doesn't matter where you are, what race you are, what religion or age you are, what you have done in the past, or what you are doing in the present, you all can achieve your Spirit. You can go to to find meetings near you. 

 Louisa Upadhya Florida, USA