Motor Racing in Ceylon many years ago
I have 
recently rediscovered some pictures .....

I got involved in motor racing because I needed some other challenge for my abilities, as I was not a keen tennis player at the local district Club, although I played rugger for Uva Province. 

A fellow tea planter I knew was a keen motor bike racer and he encouraged me to obtain a Norton Dominator 500 cc motorcycle,  with a featherbed frame.

When it became obvious that I would probably kill myself sooner rather than later,  I gave up two wheels for four. I started racing with a slightly modified MG TC.

I heard that  A.E.F. Filby of Rowlands Garages, Colombo (who were the Ceylon agents for M.G. amongst other cars) had one for sale.

This "Filby Special"  was based on an MG TC chassis with a 1250 cc engine fitted with twin SU racing carburetors, a race camshaft, 12 to 1 compression ratio pistons, an alloy cylinder head etc. The front of the chassis was cut off and a transverse leaf spring front suspension (a la Ferraris of that era!) installed, and special wire wheels.

The Ceylon Motor Sports Club had a Formula 3 Cooper with a JAP motorcycle engine which they lent me for the Mahagastotte Hill Climb one time where I made fastest time of the day (I had to cut short my honeymoon to be there!).