Special Interest Days 2014

These days are held in Borwick and Priest Hutton Memorial Hall and are led by experts in their fields.  Subjects recently studied include: The Grand Tour, Be Your Own Art Detective; A Passion for Tea; Byzantine Mosaics. These events have proved to be both popular and informative.

Tea, coffee and a full lunch are provided as part of the days.Places for these events are usually limited, and therefore early booking is advised.

In 2014 we have two special interest days.

Tuesday 1 April

'The Development of Landscape Painting in the West'

Lynne Gibson

This study day explores how Western Artists have struggled to make landscape an acceptable subject. In the Middle Ages it barely featured in European Art and during the Renaissance it was just a backdrop. Then, Dutch, British and French artists brought landscape into its own: idealized, pastoral, romantic, impressionistic and sublime.

Tuesday 11 November

'English Cathedrals – the buildings, furnishings and uses'

Dr Catherine Oakes

Dr Oakes is a writer and lecturer specializing in medieval and Tudor Art and Architecture. In this Study Day she will guide us through the building and decoration of some great medieval cathedrals.