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MARCH 2017

Dear Member

There is quite a lot to tell you about at the moment, and not a lot of time at meetings, so I will try and set it out in this newsletter.

We have been told by NADFAS that the rebrand of NADFAS will happen at the AGM in May, after which the Society will be called the Arts Society. The new logo can be seen in an enlarged form on page 9 of the latest edition of the Review (Spring 2017) as part of an interesting article on the NADFAS rebranding. The Committee will discuss what we want to do about this, but obviously we can’t change the NAFDAS decision. If you have any suggestions about how, if at all, we change our name, do please let me know.

The Area Chairman, Janet Cummings, is coming to tell us all about it on 18 April so we will start at 2.00pm on that day.

Two of the objectives of NADFAS are helping the preservation of our national artistic heritage, and promoting the education of the public about decorative and fine arts.

What seems to me to be a manageable opportunity for the first has opened up – The National Trust at Townend, near Troutbeck, has asked if we could make new dustcovers for about 60 items of furniture – they will supply all the materials – all we have to do is sew!

I anticipate that if we could get 15-20 members with their sewing machines for a day at Borwick we could crack this job in a sociable way, and do a lot to help them. It will take a little time to organise but I envisage a date in May or June, and would be grateful to receive names of volunteers – we will put a list at the back of the hall at the next meeting, or do contact Bronwen, our Secretary, to give her your details (

After the successful “outdoor art” project at Tatham Fells school we have decided to promote art for young people, and are planning a project for one or more schools, probably in conjunction with Ragtag Community Scrapstore in Kendal – more details of that when the plan is further developed.

In the meantime, we want to help the Scrapstore by providing materials of all sorts for the children to use in their workshops. Bronwen will keep a large plastic box at the back of the hall at each meeting, and we would be grateful to receive any spare material, ribbon, lace, felt, buttons, etc. etc. (but not clothes) for us to pass on.

I am pleased to say that we now have a full and hard-working committee, although vacancies/opportunities will arise after the AGM for a new membership secretary, and trips and tours secretary, when Kate and Anne-Marie retire after their terms of dedicated hard work for the Society. If you would be interested in either job, you will be welcomed with open arms. Do let me know.

I would like to change the Constitution slightly so as to allow a member of the Committee to do up to three years without an official function, then to do up to three years in a job such as membership secretary, which at the moment they couldn’t (or perhaps, shouldn’t). I would emphasise that such a change would not oblige anyone to be on the Committee for more than three years – that would be entirely a matter for them.

I propose to bring forward a resolution to that effect in the AGM in June, and hope that it will receive your support.

February’s meeting was very fully supported, and it was good to see some of our twenty or so new members. When we do have a full house, we also have a full car park, so that it would really help with parking if members could join together to travel.

We really appreciate the help that members give in car parking, registering members, moving chairs, etc. which are jobs vital to keeping meetings running smoothly. Help is particularly needed in serving tea etc. before the meeting, and if you can help with this for even one meeting, do add your name to the list.

Finally, our programme secretary will shortly be starting work on next year’s programme. If you feel that there is anything of particular interest or relevance that you would like to see included, do let her, or me, know.

Yours ever

Martin Gillibrand


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