Save the Date: Sunday August 1-3, 2015 (B.C. Day Weekend)

July 30 2015--final countdown!!

Saturday August 1: Savary day--see schedule
Sunday program:

Powell River Peak

July 28 2015--72 hour countdown!

Check out the amazing new (old) photos posted by Malerie:

Add yours today, and please, bring original photos, slides and movies so they can be professionally scanned  by Tai and Theo for the movie!

Between sets at the dance, there will be an open mike for people to offer past and present songs, poems, and other relevant creative expressions.

[This cartoon sent by Jan Christie, who received it from a friend who heard about the event]

July 18 2015--Reunion Update


2. New pictures posted here:
please send or bring more
for display or scanning

3. Ferry reservations []  recommended NOW for before, during  and after this weekend

July 4 2015--Reunion Update

1. Survey for dinner reservations sent to all folks on our email list.
2. Latest schedule also sent.
3. Updated evite also sent.
4. New pictures posted here: please send or bring more

from Powell River Living, July 2015 issue [full articles here]

June 16 2015--Reunion update

The saved date is now about six weeks away and we're hoping that those of you who havent yet responded to this invitation will soon send a reply. 

We're also hoping to accumulate more memorabilia to share on our websites.

New pictures can be added to those posted on the Flickr site:

We've just received six beautiful ones from Mark Watty bringing the total now to 191. 

Written reflections about the role of Lund and its inhabitants in your life can be posted here:

In particular on the In Memoriam page:

The local committee has been putting together plans for meeting spaces and a Sunday catered meal, but there's still room for suggestions for programs and activities, especially some that would contribute the film that Tai and Theo are making about Lund in the Seventies (see

And if you have email addresses of any people who might be interested in attending but dont appear on this list, please let us know, so we can include them in future communications.

Looking forward (and back)

May 8,  2015 Reunion update
--Yet more changes and advisories!

From the Organizing Committee:
1) We need people to book lodging options for themselves now, as it is the long weekend. People can go to PR tourist info to see all, so we only need to list  Lund Hotel, Desolation Resort and Cedar Lodge.

2) The plan for a Saturday August 1 group excursion to South Beach on Savary is under reconsideration since a large crowd of weekend ragers traditionally take over that location on this date.  We will probably charter a barge to take our crowd to a beach on the North side of the Island.

3) Due to widespread alarm at the prospect, bathing suits may not be optional for those over 60 years of age at the swim party at Rasmussen Bay planned for Monday.

4) An Evite has been sent to all people on our email list.  Please respond with "yes," "no" or "maybe" to allow organizers to plan Sunday's catered dinner. Also, please check the invite list on the evite and pass the word on to anyone you know who may not appear there.

5) Tai and Theo's movie project, is moving forward and needs your support. It's created a big buzz nationally and promises to do justice to our experience then and now.  Please check out this website to learn how you can take part:

April 18,  2015 Reunion update--Important changes!

From Ronnie Uhlmann:
The reunion planning committee met yesterday and this is the new agenda.

Saturday will be a Savary Beach day starting at 10:30 at South Beach.  Bring your own lunch and we are trying to arrange a barge to bring people over. 

Sunday's festivities will begin at 3pm at Lund School.  We decided the hall will be much easier for food etc as everything is there. We are attempting to find a caterer to do the main course and have locals do salad and desserts. Meet and Greet will be from 3:00 to 4:00.  At 4pm we will gather in a circle.  Dinner will be at 5:30.

At 7pm we will move to the Gazebo  for music and dancing.  We are asking Sheila and her band to play and then we will use recorded music.  We will make the Dance open to the whole community and ask for donations for Sheila and the Gazebo rental (we will try to get the rental removed as it is a community non profit event ). 

Monday at 11am will be a swim at Rasmussen Bay where Tai wants people to strip clothing and run naked into the water!  She will do some underwater shots and this will be the close of the film.

March 31 2015 Reunion update


Hello folks

 The 2015 reunion is just one more season away.  We’re hoping that you are saving the date and planning to come. 

 It would be great to start assembling documents from the years we are recalling: pictures, movies, letters, poems, songs and more.  They can be uploaded directly to this website or sent to this address:

 As you’ve probably heard, Tai and Theo’s film documentary about Lund in the 70’s-- is making headway.  Though it will have an emphasis on American expatriates at the time, its larger focus is on all of those who moved to the Lund area from far afield. 

 This summer’s reunion is for all of us—from Germany, England, Toronto, Vancouver and anywhere else—who ended up at this place during important moments in their lives.


February 15 2015

1. Location of the Reunion has been changed from the Lund School to the Gazebo

2. The trailer for Tai Uhlmann's film Lund: The End of the Road will be screened at the Powell River Film Festival on Saturday February 21 and she will be speaking about it with Gregor Craigie on the CBC morning show, "On The Island."

3. We are sending a link to this page and a spreadsheet with email addresses of possible participants in the reunion to the people on our email list.  It would be great to get responses adding more names and/or addresses and also indications of who plans to attend. It would be great to be able to collect more pictures or other items from anyone on the list.

Pressing Cider 1974

Lund Reunion 1984

Hello folks!

This is our first effort to contact all interested parties. 

For the last couple of years a number of present and past residents of Lund, British Columbia have tossed around the idea of organizing a reunion of people whose memories of the place go back to the late 1960's  and 1970's, along with their descendants and friends. 

We thought 2015 would be a good time for a couple of reasons. Sadly, the number of us who can share those memories is shrinking.  Happily, Sandy Dunlop has been encouraging people to submit articles about their recollections for publication in The Lund Barnacle and Tai Uhlmann has been working on a documentary film focussing on U.S. expatriates, including in-depth interviews, archival movies and photographs, and present-day footage.

A gathering of people who shared the adventure of coming to the End of the Road 35 to 45 years ago would allow us to pool interesting tales of the past, to catch up on what's happened since then, and to reflect on the role of that place and time in the stories of our own lives. It would also be an occasion to remember and celebrate those who are no longer with us.

We thought that having almost a year of advance notice would allow people living elsewhere to reserve the time and make necessary arrangements, keeping in mind that the village and its surroundings have become more popular than ever for summer holidays. We expect that this lead time will allow the invitation to be spread wide enough through online and other networks to reach everyone who'd want to attend. And we hope that whoever gets it, whether attending or not, will contribute to an archive of materials, old and new, that can be assembled on this website and presented at the event.

Suggestions for the day's events so far include: pot luck dinner, open mike, music, dance, costumes, group timeline, photoshoots, interviews for Tai's film, art show, photo exhibit--hard copy or digital. Please add more suggestions, in as much detail as possible.

So, if and when you get this message, consider doing the following:
1. Reply with contact information (preferably email address) letting us know if you are interested and if you're willing to have that information shared. We wont pass on anything you want kept confidential.
2. Send this email and link to anyone you know who might be interested.
3. Send us documents--memoirs, songs, poems, stories, pictures, movies--that we can archive here and make available to all respondents. As they arrive we'll add them to this website. If you prefer, any material you send can be made password-protected and accessible only to specified viewers. 
 4. Join the organizing committee and suggest or take on projects before, during or after the event.

Looking forward,

Steven and Jan Marx
Tai and Ronnie Uhlmann


This link-- take you to Tai's 4 minute trailer for the film.  Wow!

Prospectus for Tai Uhlmann's documentary film,

LUND: The End of the Road

Its the end of the road and when youre at the end of your line you come to Lund     Peter Behr

For many Americans Canada doesn’t exist. For a brief time though in the late 60’s and early 70’s American’s fleeing the Vietnam War looked to their neighbours to the north for refuge. Not only did some of these so called “hippy draft dodgers” find Canada, they accidentally found their way to Lund. ! !

Raised in cities with no wilderness experience other than reading Little House on the Prairie, this eclectic group of “back to the landers," dreamers, artists, intellectuals and freedom fighters created the society they wanted to be part of. They experimented, found love, lost love and shared love. They were known as the most over-educated, under-employed population in a generation. Their most confusing holiday was Fathers Day.

Lund is still a haven for those searching for Utopia. The Sixties are over, but they are not as over here as they are in some places!