Hello, we are John and Lori Lundell and we own Lundell Farms.   OK, so Lundell Farms is actually our little adventure in playing outside!  We started out a few years ago with a good sized vegetable garden.  Then we added some chickens for fresh eggs.  Next thing we knew we had a couple acres of vegetables, a tractor, layer hens, meat chickens, and even some pigs!  We decided to start sharing our great naturally grown fresh food and built a small road side stand.  My sister and her husband own a sign business, (Artistic Neon and Signs) so they made a few signs that we could put out at the nearby intersections and the rest is history. 

To further the use of our equipment, John has started up a small scale excavating business.  He loves his toys and this gives him plenty of excuses to buy more toys and play in the dirt!  As you will see on the 'Services We Offer' page, we own a new Chevy dump truck, a mid-size John Deere Tractor with plenty of attachements and a mini-excavator.   With this equipment, he can help-out the do-it-yourselfer who may need that extra hand or anyone in need of small scale excavating!  As we continue to grow, I will be sure to place before and after photos on the 'Past Projects' page.  Please visit there and see what great things John has accomplished!

Around the farm, we focus on naturally grown food.  We want the best for our family.  Oh, our family.....We have two children, Nick and Carina.  They are a great help around the farm!  It is still exciting for all of us when we can sit down to a dinner of all home grown food!  The kids love it!  And we know that it is the best for them!  As I put together this site I will share information about growing meat and produce naturally.  I will try to include as many pictures of our little piece of the world as I can. 

Please see our Lundell Farms Happenings page for the most up to date information on what is going on around 0ur homestead!