The Lunch and Learn for Evaluators in Ottawa has moved and have discontinued using this Google Site. We are now at: http://lunchandlearnottawa.lotic.ca/. Please visit our new website and register to be able to book spaces at our Lunch and Learn events.
Welcome to Lunch and Learn for Evaluators in Ottawa! If you wish to receive information on upcoming sessions and access the list of lunch and learn participants, please add your email address to our mailing list. To add your email address, please sign in using your existing Google account or create a new Google account. If you have any problems setting up an account, please send an email to the Lunch and Learn Coordinator at llevalcoordinator@gmail.com.


The Lunch and Learn for Evaluators in Ottawa generally meets on the last Tuesday of every month at various locations around the National Capital Region. Sessions can also be scheduled for other days during the month. The lunch and learn sessions provide a forum for evaluators to support their own professional development through informal knowledge exchange and networking. All you need to bring to a lunch and learn session is your own lunch.


What makes the lunch and learns possible are in-kind contributions from participants. As a lunch and learn participant, you are encouraged to provide in-kind contributions by leading/co-leading a session, by providing a facility for a session or by assisting with the overall organization of the Lunch and Learns. It is, however, recognized that all participants are not able to contribute in this manner. Contributions can also be made by participating in the discussions, sharing material with other participants and by volunteering to help with administrative tasks.