The Forester Tape

The lost film Lunar Expose never existed.  The 24 second Forester Tape posted on YouTube is a fake. Here are the photo components, the pyramids of Giza and a moon photo.

A little quick Photoshop work and some Windows Movie
Maker filters and you've got a film!

Pyramids on the Moon

    We hope you don't mind our little experiment in YouTubery! We wanted to shed some light on whether or not viewers actually read the additional info with a video and if they will click on the link.
    We've had some fairly angry posters in the video comments section. K'Marht and I are still hoping some kindred spirit will accept this in the spirit it was meant but it seems those who are interested in UFOs and other worlds are a pretty stern, humorless lot!
    Please leave a little clue on the Pyramids on the Moon comments section so we know you stopped by.  Just say "I've never seen Lunar Expose" and we'll know someone actually followed the link!
    After 1,235 views a viewer finally came forward and posted this message for us, thus restoring our faith in humanity :) Thanks h3llfr33z3r!
after over 4,000 views logman72 let us know that he too has followed through and visited this site! So few individuals look past the initial video before they comment. Logman72 has lifted our spirits!
    7/15/11 and time for a quick update. after over 6,000 views we've had a grand total of 7 people find their way here and leave a comment to let me know. I applaud you all for looking beyond the surface!

Vote for interplanetary peace,
Jonn and K'Marht