Emory Women's Ultimate was unofficially begun in Spring of 2000. A few loyal women practiced weekly and made it to a few tournaments. A year later, Emory Women's Ultimate had finally taken shape as Luna. 

Luna plays in the Southern Appalachian conference in the Southeast division of USA College Ultimate. Recent tournaments have been in North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. Luna consistently advances from the Conference Championship to Regional Championship each year.

The fall semester is mostly devoted to recruiting new teammates, learning how the game is played and learning how to play together as a team. The spring semester is more demanding in terms of practice frequency and intensity, as we compete in tournaments across the southeast region. 

We are a fun, energetic, and competitive group of women and we would love to have you join our team! Anyone and everyone is welcome to join, so please do!!!


Check out our 2014 highlight video here, and get to know the faces of Luna a little bit better here

Follow us on twitter @LunaUltimate. 


Top 10 Reasons for Why We Love Ultimate Frisbee

1)  It's easy to learn.  Almost no one starts playing ultimate at age 3 like in some other sports so the ultimate community encourages anyone and everyone to try the game.  It's a sport where questions are encouraged and effort is rewarded.

2)  It's inexpensive.  All you need is a disc and people.

3)  It places a unique focus on Spirit of the Game.  There are no referees thus the players on the field must work together to make calls.  This creates an atmosphere in which honesty is recognized and praised.  

4)  Funky colorful spandex is encouraged.

5)  You will make friends for life.  :)  Once you start playing ultimate it's all that you can talk about.

6)  You get to travel around the Southeast and beyond playing in competitive tournaments.  Nothing bonds a team together like road trips and sore muscles.

7)  We get to run around outside.  It's pretty.

8)  You immediately get to know at least 20 of the coolest people on campus.

9)  It keeps you or gets you in shape.  Ultimate requires bursts of speed and agility.

10)  IT'S SO FUN!  Nothing is more fun than cheering your teammates on when the make a sick bid,  joining in spontaneous dance parties, snuggling after a long saturday of pool play, hunting down chocolate milk, scoring a point and being pummeled by hugs from your teammates, and going to practice with you 20 favorite people on campus.