Gateway to Pangkor


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   Lumut's picture perfect sunset

 Gateway to Pangkor Island


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Laid back Lumut  in Manjung is a quaint little town by the Dindings Estuary famous for its beautiful seashell and coral handicrafts as well as for its numerous stalls selling salted marine products and BBQ fish known as 'satay fish'.

It is the home of the Lumut Naval Base, although more famous as the gateway to Pangkor Island.

With the completion of the modern & artistic 1.5 km long Lumut Waterfront in 2005, the riverine & romantic town has achieved new found status as a tourist attraction in its own right.

Lumut in Malay means moss, lichen, or seaweed. In its early days, the beach is said to be rich in moss, so the local people called it Lumut.

Lumut jetty  is the jumping-off point to various beautiful offshore islands, including Pangkor and Belawan ( Indonesia ).