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"A tender love story set in present-day Thomasville, Georgia, this novel follows the brief connection of two lives equally scarred by tragedy, equally illuminated by the grand romance they share together.  For a beautiful summer month, private-practice veterinarian Katherine Reese opens her home and heart to James Levine, a blind man whose guide dog contracts a deadly but treatable illness.  Despite his disability, this newcomer views his world through a lens of quiet contentment, in contrast to the lingering sorrow displayed by his host.  The murder of Katherine’s father and her husband’s abandonment, both five years prior, have left her a shell of her former self.  James, however, offers the single mother of two the prospect of hope and resolution.  He shines with an intangible charisma that is utterly compelling, an amazing light reminiscent of the fireflies he finds with her one sunset evening.  Yet their relationship is interrupted by James’ belief that he is regaining his sight and by a devastating revelation that ties Katherine’s past with his.  The result is a story of faith, forgiveness, and unexpected healing. . ."


Hi, I'm Will Addison, and that's a brief introduction to my 26-chapter audiobook novel, Luminescence, which is available here for instant download in CD-quality Mp3 format, safely and securely from Paypal and Payloadz.  

You can download two sample chapters (see the links on the left bar), which I think you'll enjoy.  And if you purchase and like the book, please consider spreading the word far and wide via email, forums, groups, or places like Facebook or MySpace.

Email me your thoughts and impressions, good or bad.  I'm at (that's my email address based on my other website,

The history of Luminescence

I'm Will Addison, and I'm a young writer in my upper-30s, living in the Deep South.  Atlanta, Georgia, to be specific.  I’m married to a wonderful woman, and I have three young children.  I've been blessed with vision my entire life, but around 1998, I learned of a touching story from a friend of the family about a blind man and his guide dog.  If I told you what happened, I'd give away the ending of Luminescence, because that man’s story became my inspiration for the book.  So in the early 2000s, I wrote the book, connected with narrator Chuck Brown, and produced an audiobook version, so that it would be easily accessible by the blind community.  Now, I'm offering it for just $4.99 here on this website via Mp3 downloads.

Luminescence Advisory Team

I've been blessed with vision my entire life, and when the idea to write Luminescence first sprung to life, I did countless hours of research to make sure I got my facts about blindness, guide dogs, and veterinary medicine right.  Part of this effort involved collaboration with more than 100 vision-impaired people across the world who read advance sections of the novel and offered honest, critical feedback.  My deepest thanks go out to this group.  You helped write the book.