Lee UMC: 'To Connect the Community to Christ' 

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We accomplish this mission by being the Church who lives by faith, is know by love, and are voices of hope in our world.
 You may think that every church makes such a claim but all you need to do is drive by one Wednesday after school to know our claim is true.  It is an amazing sight to see a bus pulling into the parking lot to drop off around 30-40 kids for our W.O.W. program.  Some of the kids are from our church but many are from other churches and some are not churched at all.

 It is not unusual to see Lee UMC's adults out visiting homes in the community, and friends and loved ones in the hospitals.  Their visits are warm and friendly welcoming newcomers to the area, extending a hand to those in need and offering prayers and compassion to those in need of healing. 

 At Lee UMC we take Bible Study serious. We believe that to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ we must know his teachings and live them out in the world. We have various Bible studies offered throughout the year that enables children, youth, and adults to connect to God and one another.

 We believe that participating in various missions is an important aspect of our calling as disciples. Members of Lee UMC will conduct and join in on special projects in Lee, around the state of Florida,  the United States, and other countries where we can give back in service as an extension our Lord's love.   

 While an invitation is always extended, it is to Christ we hope to draw people, not to Lee UMC. Nevertheless, please know that you are welcome to be part of our church family.

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