---------------The Mother Legion-------------------

The Legion of Honor of Lu Lu Shriners is a special organization continuing a legacy and tradition that started in 1921. Veterans of World War I and earlier conflicts formed this Legion of Honor, the first in Shrinedom - the "Mother Legion".

If you are a veteran of the Armed Forces, you should join the Lu Lu Legion of Honor. We express pride in previous service to our country by demonstrating service to our Shrine and to our Hospitals. Through the years, the Legion, with its Color Guard, has marched in parades and supported all the other functions of Lu Lu including the Circus and Rodeo.

Starting in 1929, we have been privileged each year in November to place a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown in Arlington National Cemetery to honor the memories of those who served and fell. This November we will be continuing this tradition, join us.

Membership in the Legion Of Honor is limited to Nobles of the Mystic Shrine who are serving in, or have been honorably discharged from, the Armed Forces of their country. This includes service in the, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, National Guard, and Reserves.