LLWII is coming this April 13th! Get Ready! 
Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo 
The Lu-Lacka_Wyco Hundo has been living in my brain since I was a teenager. 

I have always dreamed of folks like Tomac, Giove, etc racing in my own backyard. To me, it’s like playing pick up ball with Jordan in your driveway…just way more fun and much faster. 

18 brave souls attempted it last year only 14 completed it and earned their finishers medal. If you want to read about it, check out what Selene Yeager had to say about it. Bicycling Magazine

We are all going to meet on the morning of April 13, 2014 at Susquehanna Brewing Company in Pittston, Pa and ride off into the wild backroads, off roads, on roads, trails, etc. of Luzerne, Lackawana, and Wyoming counties. 

If you have ridden Battenkill or want to get started on your in season fitness, this is a great place to start or even ramp up during the “spring classic” season. We recommend warming up for the ride by enjoying some of the New Jersey Classics Series. 

The ride has literally something for everyone. As long as everyone likes riding around 100 miles and climbing over two vertical miles on the day. 

There are swamps, lakes, former train beds, single track, long country roads, switchbacks, dirt, dust, mud, rollercoasters, water falls, barking dogs, scenic vistas, and miles of smiles. 

This is a ride for the ages, not a race for the aces. 

With that said, there is no right bike for this. I am of a substantial girth and I have ridden the whole route on a sport touring bike equipped with a touring gear ratio and 25cc puncture resistant tires and have been trouble free for years. 

You don’t need a road bike or a cross bike or a mountain bike. Any will work, but I prefer a road bike for this ride. 

Don’t ask me about tire pressure. Its like asking someone about how much hot sauce to put on your food…only you know what feels right. 

If you do not know how to maintain or repair your bike while out on the road, please don’t sign up. We will have a sag wagon piloted by a mechanic, but this route spans 3 counties and some very remote locations, so you might be waiting for a while unless you have a way out on your own. 

There will be some fuel stops (depending on volunteers…anyone want to sign up?), but this ain’t no charity ride. Bring what you need. There are 2 places to grab food and refuel (gas station/convenience store) but they are in the first 40 or so miles. After you leave the last town, there is NOTHING till the last 10-15 miles. Be prepared and well fueled/hydrated. 

I have been there before, so I know some folks want bail out routes. They are available but even if you used all of them, the ride is still not for the faint of heart. 

This is an organized ride that I am preparing a map for. That is it. Whatever you do on the road and whatever happens to you out there is on you. You will sign an agreement that you understand that statement. 

Don’t be a jerk and be careful. 

You will sign up day of and pay for your after party that will include good food, good drinks, some tunes, and swapping of tall tails and long trails.

There will be swag from our friends across the land and prizes for categories yet to be determined. 

There are some Strava segments out there…nerds. There will also be secret prizes and some cool primes for some of you for doing some cool stuff on your bike. 

I have opened up registration for the 2nd annual Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo. You can find it on BikeReg. 

Remember that this is a rain or shine event with no refunds for precipitation.  

If what you see above sounds like fun, Join us!

Rain, Shine, Mud, Snow, expect it, plan for it, ride it, survive it.Map my ride link http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/66192850

*There is a 50 mile version 

*You can Pre Register! 

*Ride is Rain or Shine

*Ride has minimal support

*There is no right bike 

*Bring food, water, and money. 

*Ride has great directions but don't rely on a GPS. It can get remote

*Bring a camera. 

*Bring your climbing legs

*No complaining 

*There might be prizes 

*We need volunteers 

*We need sponsors