FreeMind Security Maps

Nov 08, 09

Quite a few of the articles written for my blog were outlined and researched using FreeMind. It is a wonderfully minimal tool for laying out your ideas, and I find it more effective than some of the other professional (that is, expensive) commercial offerings. On the FreeMind site there is an option to upload maps and have them made available on the web through a special flash plug-in, and I have done this for several of my maps which you can view here, under the Technology category.

Below you will find the Freemind 0.8.0 source for several security/risk maps, with a link to the corresponding post
  • Anonymity on the Edge Download (using ToR to extract sensitive information) - post
  • Cold Boot Download (the Cold Boot Attack from early 2008) - post
  • Debian Download (problems with OpenSSL key generation in Debian) - post
  • Ranum Anatomy of a Security Disaster Download (review of a Ranum prophecy) - post
  • Quantum addendum Download (quantum factoring with Shor's algorithm) - post
  • How Many People Download (analytical question - how many people have ever lived?) - post
  • GPS Service Risks Download (the risk of degradation to GPS, an extensive map) - post
  • Karsten Knol and A5 Download (recent project announcement to break GSM encryption - again) - post
  • US Border Directive Download (recent updates to digital searching) - post
  • NIST Password Guidelines Download  (review of NIST Password guidelines released in draft mid 2009 ) - post

These next maps are reference maps (comments, observations and links to info)
  • Laptops and Customs Download (references to digital searches)
  • Unauthorized Software Download (references to risks of unauthorized software)
  • Remote Working Download (references to risks of remote working)
  • Mobile Download (references to risks of mobile devices)

These last two maps contain extensive information, mainly updated during 2008
  • Incidents Download (notable IT incidents in 2008)