Luke's Sidekick Info

I use a T-Mobile Sidekick 2 as my phone, PDA, and mobile camera.  Below is some useful information that I needed formatted for my Sidekick, but couldn't find anywhere else.

DART Schedules

Red Line - Weekday - Northbound (PM)

Red Line - Weekday - Southbound (PM)

Red Line - Saturday - Northbound (PM)

Red Line - Saturday - Southbound (PM)

Blue Line - Saturday - Northbound (PM)


My Flickr Blog - I've always respected Flickr, but I had a TextAmerica blog.  Then TextAmerica shut me down at the end of 2006, so I switched to using my Flickr blog.  It's photo-centric, but there's lots of commentary, so have fun checking it out! - The official site for Danger's hiptop platform, of which the Sidekick is the only implementation I know of.  You can find help, hints, tricks, and lots of other info in the forums.


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