Pictures: Our Wedding

 On April 23, 2005, Carolyn and I got married. Here are a few pictures from the event and reception.

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We both had to get up early to get ready.  Carolyn had to get her hair done, meet with her bridesmaids, get to the church, start on her makeup, get her dress on, get her flowers, and then she was ready.  I had to get up, shower, and put on my suit.  Ok, so we didn't have the exact same amount of work to do.  Maybe I look happy in this picture because I realize that I'm almost done getting ready.


 The ceremony took place at our church, Canyon Creek Baptist Church in Richardson, TX.  A few of Carolyn's friends took care of the decorations, and they were just exactly what we wanted.



Our First Kiss.  Not the last.  

Here we are with the whole wedding party.  Two bridesmaids, two groomsman.  Two flower girls, two rings.  Two hearts, one love.

My brothers were my two groomsmen.  They clean up nice, so I figure they were as good a choice as anyone.  I've also known them a fairly long time, almost my whole life in fact.


Carolyn's bridesmaids were two long time friends.  Anna (Left picutre, left side) is a friend of Carolyn's that she met at church many years ago. Ashley (Left picture, right side) is one of Carolyn's best friends, and they have known each other since junior high.  The flower girls and ring bearer are all sisters, and have been babysat by Carolyn on many occasions. 


See, look. Here we are kissing again. 


The families of the new couple.  Carolyn's family (Left) lives in the area, and is pretty small.  Luke's family (Right), came mostly from Ohio, but this is only a small group of the whole clan.  The family seems to go on forever.


The cakes were quite good.  The top of the bride's cake is currently being held hostage in the freezer of Luke and Carolyn's apartment.  The grooms' cake never had a chance.






Here's a group of women that married into the family.  What were they thinking?  In case you're wondering, that's Luke's Mom on the far right.






See you guys later! We're off to our hotel, and then onto the honeymoon.






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