GalleryMap for Android

I've created an Application for the mobile Android platform named GalleryMap.  Here's a little information about it.

It acts as a simple picture viewer, remembering the last directory you were viewing when you exited.  Use the menu option to change directories.

Notice the little icon in the upper right?  Click that, and it takes you to the map view!

In the map view you can see all the images in the directory, plotted on a map that can be easily panned and zoomed to show more images.  As you zoom out, it hides some of the map points so the map doesn't get too crowded.

Clicking on any of the points will pop-up a screen with more information about the image.  The little back arrow takes you back to the map.  I'm planning on changing this to the traditional close (x) in the corner, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

The other two icons zoom in on the image location, and zoom out to show the surrounding area.

I've got some enhancements planned, feel free to contact me with your requests.

Version History:

1.0.4 - Bug fixes

1.0.3 - Auto launch Directory selector on startup, change to close icon on pop-up window

1.0.2 - Quick Fix for non-standard image directories.

1.0.1 - Initial Release - ADC 2 version.

Latest News:

Thanks to all those that submitted bugs using their Nexus 1 or Droid.  I use the stack traces to find and fix issues, so I appreciate it!