A steady rain falls on the crowded streets of Tyrannus.  Citizens hide under their hats and umbrellas, and pull up their collars to avoid the gaze of strangers.  Anyone might be a Replicant, even you.  The mood is grim, with Rebels wreaking havoc, thoughtcrime on the rise, and the oxygen supply running out.  Humans will die by the end of the week unless the oxygen towers are completed, but a mysterious radiation sickness has poisoned the workers.  You meet your gang in a discrete location to plan your next move, but others are plotting against you

Game Overview
In Replicant, you take the role of a powerful citizen of a dystopian metropolis embroiled in a murderous plot. While the city faces a crisis of depleting oxygen, you work to unravel the secrets of other players while trying to complete your hidden agendas. Other players have goals that might support yours, and might not, but no one is trying to do the exactly same thing. 
The game is played over six or seven rounds, each in a different location indicated by a plot card. On your turn, you may attack, rescue, spy, or build. You aren’t alone, so the outcome of actions is determined by voting with agent tokens. Each round, you recruit new agents and gain influence. Influence can be used in many ways, including buying items, concealing traits, and bribing other players.
At the end of the game, replicants take damage for each complete oxygen tower, and humans take damage for each incomplete oxygen tower. You win the game the game by completing both of your agendas and surviving.

Human or Replicant?

Trait cards determine whether a player is Human or Replicant. Players get five of these cards in the game. If they have three or more Human cards, they are Human. If they have three or more Replicant cards, they are Replicant.
Human TraitsAlcoholic, Body Odor, Brazen Confidence, Charming Smile, Fear of Death, Selfish, Tattooed
Replicant TraitsClaustrophobic, Computer Expertise, Incoherent Rambling, Pale Skin, Prone to Rampage, Reclusive, Unblinking Stare