My passion for game design emerged from my decades of  designing adventures for DnD and building science lessons. I've always loved to write, create, and tinker; building robots, doing carpentry, and fixing cars. For me, game design brings together so many interesting facets of mathematical, artistic, and social design.

I design games that I like to play, and I hope you enjoy them too. Sometimes I like low-key games that are good to play with the family. Sometimes I want to cut loose with a crass party game. Often, I like games with deep strategy and immersive themes. I enjoy attending conventions and exploring all types of games.

I've been playing tabletop games my whole life. Beginning with Chess, Poker, Monopoly and the like in my very early years, I started playing Dungeons and Dragons, Risk, Shogun, and other games when I was about ten years old, then Magic the Gathering in my early twenties. Since then, I've branched out to all manner of tabletop games.

I live in Santa Maria, CA, and often attend events and conventions in California and sometimes elsewhere.

Games I've Designed and Current Projects:

Cosmic Wombat Games
2-4 Players
30 Minutes

Stones of Fate

Winner of the Polyprize for game design excellence, Stones of Fate is an easy-to-learn, fast-paced card game that uses memory and strategy. Peek at cards, flip cards, place your stones carefully, and win the tarot cards that determine your destiny.

(In development)
3-8 Players
45-60 Minutes


In Replicant, everyone is a traitor. You are a key player in a murderous plot set in a dystopian future, where some are human and some are not. Replicant is bluffing and deception game where each player has hidden goals and a hidden identity. Players are free to support and betray one another as it suits them.

(in development)
2-4 Players
45-60 Minutes
Saturn Rising

A Euro-style exploration and tile placement game, using a unique implementation of a rondel mechanic. Print and play is available.
Minion Games
Co-designed with Tom Jolly
1-5 Players
60-120 Minutes
TMP - Energy Empire

In this worker-placement, tableau building game, fossil fuels are becoming expensive and scarce, and new energy technologies are costly to adopt. Players work at strengthening their nation through improving their industry, commerce, and government, while trying to minimize environmental damage.