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Bowling for Columbine Documentary about gun violence in the USA directed by Michael Moore

791.4372 B787m2

The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl (total length 188 mins)

An interesting documentary about a film maker many consider notorious primarily because of the propaganda film The Will To Power she made for the Nazis. (At her De-Nazification trial, however, she was 'acquitted' as "Mitläufer" - sympathiser - and she never joined the NSDAP.) Whatever one thinks of her, she has made technical contributions to the filming of documentaries which have inspired many who came after her. In so many ways she is amazing having taken up scuba diving in her eighties - lying about her age so she could get a license to dive - to film ocean life. She is extensively interviewed in this film.

791.43 R55mu1

Triumph Des Willens (Triumph Of The Will) directed and edited by Leni Riefenstahl ( not really a documentary but a propaganda film; but where else to include it?)

791.4372 T83r
791.4372 T83r1

The Film Of The XI Olympic Games, Berlin 1936 directed and edited by Leni Riefenstahl ( some might consider propaganda not a documentary; I would disagree with this)
Part I
Part II

My favourite part is the footage of Jessie Owens running the 100 m. It's in Part I. He won four gold medals in 1936. 

A great Nova series (with many episodes) about the civil rights movement in the USA is Eyes On The Prize. I copied the titles the VPL has but the way they are listed is kind of strange. I can't imagine they have some episodes but not others. Anyway, here are the ones the VPL has and how they are listed:

Eyes On The Prize
Episode 1




Episode 3: 1960-61
Ain't Scared Of Your Jails
323.173 E971f

Episode 6: 1960-61

Bridge To Freedom
323.173 E971g

Eyes On The Prize
Fighting Back
323.173 E971b

Eyes On The Prize II
A nation of law? 1968-1971

Eyes On The Prize II
Ain't Gonna Shuffle No More: 1964-72

Eyes On The Prize II
Back To The Movement: 1979 - mid 1980s

Eyes On The Prize II
Power: 1967-68

Eyes On The Prize II
The Keys To The Kingdom

Eyes On The Prize II
The Promised Land

Eyes On The Prize II
The Time Has Come

Eyes On The Prize II
Two Societies

Several works on Malcolm X and speeches by him:

Make It Plain

From the series: The American Experience

Make It Plain

Make It Plain

A Search For Identity (Biography)

921 L778mx

Malcolm X (by Spike Lee with a masterful performance by Denzel Washington; it blends documentary footage with 'acted performance')

791.4372 M24L2

Speeches of Malcolm X (great documentary footage!)

323.173 X1sp

WTC: The First 24 Hours

973.931 W95s1
973.931 W95s