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 Some other great flicks (sometimes with actors', at other times with directors', names included) in no particular order are:

Le Roi de Coeur (King of Hearts)

791.4372 K53a1

Summary: A Scottish soldier is assigned the task of disarming a bomb in a small French town at the close of World War I. The townspeople have deserted the town leaving behind the inmates of the local insane asylum who embrace the soldier as their king. I found it absolutely hilarious.

This Man Must Die  directed by Claude Chabrol 




Ken Russell, one of the great masters of photography:

Women In Love

791.4372 W8723r1

Music Lovers directed by Ken Russell (the VPL doesn't have it)



Mahler directed by Ken Russell (as much as I love Russell's photography I thought it was a bit 'overdone' in this film; the VPL doesn't have it.)


McCabe & Mrs Miller directed by Robert Altman with Warren Beatty, Julie Christie

791.4372 M12a1  

Is Paris Burning?

791.4372 I731c

Summary: As the Nazis march through Europe in 1944, the freedom fighters of Paris mount a brave resistance. Hitler sends a top general to determine if the city can be held. If not, Paris will be burned.

The Chamber

791.4372 C443f1

It's about a lawyer fighting a death penalty case and I found it interesting.

400 Blows directed by François Truffaut

791.4372 J941t1

Summary: A 13-year-old boy on a quest for the meaning of life ends up on the wrong side of the law.

The Last Metro directed by François Truffaut 

791.4372 D43t2  

Day For Night directed by François Truffaut

791.4372 D2751t1

Song Without End with Dirk Bogarde

791.4372 S6984v

A film about the life of  Franz Liszt. It has lots of beautiful music (just don't look at Bogarde's hands faking the playing; it's appalling). In spite of the copious amount of music there is a real plot. 

Murder by Decree

791.4372 M9752c

Summary: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson conduct a gruesome and dangerous search through London's squalid east end for the legendary Jack the Ripper. They soon discover that he is no ordinary murderer, but one with influential and determined friends.

12 Angry Men with Henry Fonda, a film that impressed me very much as a kid

791.4372 T87L1  

Indochine with Catherine Deneuve

791.4372 I41w1

Wait Until Dark (a classic with Audrey Hepburn)

791.4372 W14y1 


Le salaire de la peur (Wages Of Fear )

791.4372 S15c2 


Of Mice And Men based on John Steinbeck's novel. (For different versions check the imdb) VPL has this one:

823 S819o2 


L'Année dernière à Marienbad
(Last Year at Marienbad; kind of weird but some think it's very good)     


791.4372 L3492r  

Gunfight At The O.K. Corall with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas

791.4372 G9751s1 


North To Alaska with John Wayne (one of his better films I think)

791.4372 N864h 


Zorba The Greek with Anthony Quinn

791.4372 Z88a1


Viva Zapata! directed by Elia Kazan with Marlon Brando

791.4372 V8551k


Cary Grant is always fun to watch, I think: 


North by Northwest directed by Hitchcock

791.4372 N86h1  

To Catch a Thief

791.4372 T6273h  

Charade (with Audrey Hepburn)

791.4372 C469d 


To Have and Have Not ( with Humphrey Bogart)

791.4372 T62h1  

Breakfast At Tiffany's (with Audrey Hepburn)

791.4372 B8281j

The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946 version)

791.4372 P858a1
(There's also a 1981 version with Jack Nicholson)

On The Waterfront directed by Elia Kazan with Marlon Brando

791.4372 O58k1  

Mutiny On The Bounty 1962 version with Marlon Brando

791.4372 M9954a1


The Spy Who Came In From The Cold with Richard Burton

791.4372 S772r1


The French Connection with Gene Hackman

791.4372 F877f


The Third Man with Orson Welles

791.4372 T445g2 


Notorious directed by Hitchcock with Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman and Claude Rains ( Many know him for playing the police chief in Casablanca.)

791.4372 N91H1


The Pawnbroker with Rod Steiger

791.4372 P652L


Out Of Africa with Meryl Streep, Robert Redford

791.4372 O9421p1 


JFK by Oliver Stone with Kevin Costner

791.4372 J111s2