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The following is a film with three actors I like a lot.

Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner with Sidney Poitier, Spencer Tracy, Catherine Hepburn

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Summary: Joanna, the daughter of a crusading publisher, Matthew Drayton, and his patrician wife, Christina, returns home with her new fiance, John, a distinguished black doctor. Christina's mother accepts her daughter's decision to marry John, but Matthew is shocked by this interracial union, and the doctor's parents are equally dismayed.

Sidney Poitier definitely ranks near the top in my opinion. It's hard to tell a favourite but the first one might be it. Poitier plays Thurgood Marshall as a young civil rights lawyer. Later he became the first black US Supreme Court Justice. An incredibly powerful performance!

Seperate But Equal
(actors include Burt Lancaster)

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To Sir With Love

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In The Heat Of The Night

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Adam's Rib with Spencer Tracy and Catherine Hepburn (who were a real life couple)

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The African Queen with Humphrey Bogart and Catherine Hepburn

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