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When I entered this list in one piece my browser choked. That's why I cut it up into smaller pieces. Click on "next page" on the bottom right on each page. There are eight more pages in this section. Presently there are 88 films listed. I might add more. Family Viewing consists of duplicates from the other pages, films without much, or any, violence.




Selections for Movie Lovers 


They are not all masterpieces. Some are just fun to watch. 

The Internet Movie Database has a wealth of info about most films directors and actors. It also has reviews and links to many free to view trailers. By clicking on an actor's or director's name you can check out what other work they have done. The reviews are of varying quality and I don't always agree.

The Vancouver Public Library (VPL) has a large holding of films and videos. (A 'subject browse' for 'feature film' in the search box yields almost 8900 hits. Naturally that includes books and magazines about the topic but nevertheless.) The "call numbers" after the movie title are those the VPL uses. However, the pages can also be useful for those living elsewhere because of the info. The call numbers are clickable, which makes placing a hold a cinch. Clicking on the call number gets you right to the page where you place a hold.

To my knowledge there is no way of retrieving films by searching for directors or actors, or at the very least it is cumbersome. That's when I find the Internet Movie Database very helpful. Searching for actors or directors, or a film and from there on other movies  by the same director or actor yields titles, which can then be used at the VPL by selecting "Video Title Browse" in the left box with the title entered in the right box.

Here are some movies I found interesting and worth watching regardless of their age. Often the VPL has copies on DVD as well as VHS cassetttes; sometimes just the latter. (In the following list most call numbers are for DVDs. If they are for video cassettes it does not necessarily imply that the VPL does not have a copy on DVD.) 


I put a lot of effort into this. I hope you'll enjoy it. I might also add material in the future. So, please come back.