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It's difficult to find films without any violence but here are a few with little or none. Please note that these films have already been listed in the main film pages.

The only film by the Coen brothers without violence is:

Oh Brother Where Art Thou

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It was digitally made and I found it actually interesting to watch the section about the making of the film, how they changed the colours etc. Amazing! There's probably a long wait at the VPL.

Le Roi de Coeur (King of Hearts)

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Summary: A Scottish soldier is assigned the task of disarming a bomb in a small French town at the close of World War I. The townspeople have deserted the town leaving behind the inmates of the local insane asylum who embrace the soldier as their king. I found it absolutely hilarious.

East of Eden
It's a beautiful film and the only violence is a fist fight. The book by Steinbeck is even better but loooong.

Of Mice And Men is also after a novel by Steinbeck. It has a sad ending but no vilolence otherwise.

The Rainmaker doesn't have any violence if I remember correctly. (I saw it decades ago) And it has 2 of my favourite actors in it: Catherine Hepburn and Burt Lancaster.

The Bird Man of Alcatraz doesn't have any violence if I remember correctly.

High Noon is a beautiful film with violence at the end but it's kind of bearable (shoot-outs in westerns). It's mostly a study in human relations.

I love Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner! No violence whatsoever. Worth watching again!

Seperate But Equal is a great film with just a little bit of violence. It's about the life of Thurgood Marshall and Sidney Poitier's acting is - as usual - superb.

I watched To Sir With Love a long time ago and don't think it has any violence.

Adam's Rib with Catherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, her real life husband. No violence

The African Queen has no graphic violence.

The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit has just a little bit of war time violence.

12 Angry Men has no violence in it, I think. (I saw it as a kid) Almost all of it takes place in a jury room. So the film's "meat" is mainly in the dialogue.

The Cary Grant films listed on page 6 of my site are free of violence. The Third Man on the same page doesn't really have much violence in it. The Spy Who Came In From The Coldhas very little violence and lots of tension in the plot. If I remember correctly Out Of Africa doesn't have any violence.

The Comedy page has brilliant British comedy links and absolutely no violence.