I updated my vimrc files. I put syntax folding in. I also put a *nix version here, solving the problem of break line character ^M. I used dos2unix to convert it.  If you use the *nix version, remember to rename it to .vimrc before use.


The easiest way to learn Vim is its tutorial (should come with your Vim installation). The most convenient way is using ":help ***". 

I started using Vim since last month. Here's a little feeling I have so far.

The text editing is really fast. you can edit text without reach for your mouse or even the arrow keys. 

Programming is easy and clear. With ctags and taglist, Vim is perfect for C programming. 

Vim is not so large. But it can recognize so many file types! See this screenshot, and compare with ultraedit! And this is just the file types begin with C!


This is  my vim setting file (_vimrc). Not a good one i know. But I'm trying to make it a good one.

For programmers, ctags is a good software for analyzing codes (using with Vim). And TagList is a good ctags plugin to Vim.

See a screenshot when I use Vim with ctags and Taglist.


_vimrc (windows)

.vimrc (*nix)




Vim official website 

Vim on wiki