Luke Constantino


Momentum Real Estate



Not knowing the market value for your area and the proper procedure

 to target marketing your property can be very time consuming...

 With no results.



The main reason for a property not selling is 


  A Realtor will spend more money, time and effort on overhead, advertising and blind marketing 

compared to a smart, well-adjusted Realtor selling their property as quickly, easily and efficiently as possible.



Marble floors, Jacuzzi's, granite counter-tops and all the other amenities that your property may have were enjoyed by you, 

Hopefully for many years...

They may not raise your property value by much, 

But, they will definitely make it stand out and be more attractive to your potential home buyers.


When you overprice your property, 

the right buyers will not see it, 

Therefore, your property becomes invisible to them.



A higher price range customer will see it, 

Have certain expectations at that price range and leave...

and your property will just sit on the market. 



Detailing Your Home


Take two (2) one hundred dollar bills:

One being a brand new, crisp bill and the other being worn and tattered.

Which one would you choose?

Both are the same value, but which one is more appealing...

Detailing your property will have the same effect. 

Make sure your home is show ready for that next potential buyer.


Call me if you have any questions or want to re-list your property in the most efficient way possible.





My job is to provide the best quality service to my sellers from start to finish. 

There are many different aspects which take place in selling a property that have to be considered. 

From the first showing to the mortgage loan/home inspection, everything has to be addressed professionally.