CV - 履歴書

Auron Zoe

2D and 3D Animation Game Designer in Virtual Reality

Born 1990 in Warsaw / Poland family roots from France and Netherland
Speaking: Polisch, German, Englisch, (...learning Japanese)



My older brother showed me Commodore 64, Atari ST and Amiga 500+ games and graphic demos. I found the fascination in stereoscopic drawings trough the Simpsons comic books in my early age between 7 and 12. In the age of 9 I get my first Game Boy. With the release of Super Nintendo, Mega Drive, PC engine and NEO GEO I get my first Hi 8 camera and combined my stop-motion animation and editing skills with self-constructed Audio Video devices to create artistic music clips and FMV Mesh ups.

After the Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn and Sony Playstation release and many educations in direction Media, Art and my first PC, I was able to be involved and direct over 100 video productions and win several animated video competitions in Europe!

I start watching Anime and reading Manga in the age of 14.

I love to study hard, I like to be puctual and enjoy to satisfy people on conventions, exhibitions and other events with animations, workshops and interactive environment in the virtual reality space.

My goal is to support others, develop myself, create Super Turbo Mega animations and interactive environments on scientific levels with artists, developers and engineers all around the world!




Macromedia Academy, Game Design and Development, Munich                                  Certificated 2016-2018

Individual projects

·      “Robot Paradise VR Anime and Game”; RPG Virtual Reality Mobile adventure game about the young Evan who want to rescue his dead sick mother with the help of a remote controlled robot. Designed in 3D with Maya, Cinema 4D and Unity with 2D and 3D Anime cut scenes. Since 2016

·     “Synchronicity – SYNCHRONIZER”; Animated Sci-Fi road movie. 2114 post apocalyptic story about a scientist who found out that all life on earth comes from the Antarctic. Planed also as RPG Adventure Game for VR Playstation and HTC VIVE PC. Since 2014


University of Art Berlin (UDK), Digimedial - Social Media Marketing, Berlin                   Certificated 2009-2010

·      All about Web-design, Google Search Engine, YOUTUBE, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Marketing.


Macromedia Academy, Film and Video-editor, Munich                                                      Certificated 2008-2009

·     Camera and Editing on Final Cut, A.V.I.D. and Adobe Premiere (showreel)

·     Visual and Special effects with Adobe After Effects (showreel)


Staatliche Berufsfachschule für Produktdesign, Graphik Design, Selb                           Certificated  2002-2006

·         Drawing, Painting, Color Management, Typography, Logo Design, Layout and Design for the Industry




Drawing, animating and motion designing in 2D on professional level manually and digitally with

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Animate (Flash) and After Effects


·     Professional level of editing with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and A.V.I.D.


·     In depth knowledge of DSLR cameras, Drones and VR Devices

(Samsung Gear VR, Occulus Rift DK2, Google Cardboard and HTC VIVE)


·      Academic experience of creating Meshes, UV's and Textures with Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox and Maxon Cinema 4D.


·      Academic experience in Level and Terrain Design with Unity 5 and the Unreal 4 engines


·     Basic knowledge in Web-design and 2D game scripting with HTML5, Java Script and C#





2013 – present Multimediadesigner at the JAHREISS Agency in Hohenberg / Germany

2011 – 2012 Employed as cartoonist for the feature film "Unplugged: Leben - Guaia Guaia" released

Juli 11th 2013 in German language theaters around the world.

2011 Internship as Digital & Videocontent at "MAGIX"

2009 – 2014 Video Editor for AG Prop Berlin and the DigiEnsemble Berlin

2009 Moved to Berlin

2006 – 2009 Workship as Art Director with "ViSeal Productions" in Munich

2006 Filmeditor for "Münchner Filmwerkstatt" and the German-Japanese co. production feature film "The red spot"



I picked just the most interesting animation works to these list created in the last 10 years.


  • 2018  1st place Winner of the MDT GDD JAM at the University of Bradford / Character Designer and Animator


  • 2016  1st place Winner of the “International TJX music video award” Munich /Director


  • 2014   Short Film “Kleiner Held” produced at the medienacademie in Bavaria Studios /Animator


  • 2013  1st place Winner of poland wide videoproduction competition for “APTEKA” the band Warsaw /Director


  • 2012  1st place Winner feature film “UNPLUGGED LEBEN: Guaia Guaia” at many festivals in Europe /Animator


  • 2011   Nominated under 20 Best Animated clips at “Protoclip-International Music Video Festival Paris” /Animator


  • 2010  1st place with the “geppebba” clip at the “German Fashion Film Awards” Berlin /Director


  • 2007  2nd place with the clip “Elastics – geppebba baggy unlimited” at the “Kulturtage Weicht” /Director



2018 MAG Con in Erfurt (Winner 2nd place drawing contest)

2018 Animagic Mannheim (Project booth)

2018 Wie.Mai.Kai Mainz

2018 Dokomi Düsseldorf

2018 Animuc Fürstenfeldbrück

2017 Mega Manga Convention Berlin

2017 Medientage München

2017 Aninite Viena

2017 Animesse Berlin

2017 Wie.Mai.Kai Mainz

2017 Dokomi Düsseldorf

2016 Comic Salon Erlangen

2016 Wie.Mai.Kai Mainz

2016 Animesse Berlin

2016 Dokomi Düsseldorf

2015 Mega Manga Messe Berlin

2015 Connichi con Kassel





2015 KÖSK München

2015 Färberei München "Time ink"

2014 ことり食堂 (Bird Cafeteria) Shibuya, Tokio

2012 Orchard Windows Gallery New York City

2012 R. - Raum für drastische maßnahmen Berlin

2012 Various Artists Berlin im Factory Forum Berlin

2011 Udo Walz Gallery Berlin

2011 Time Cafe Warszawa

2011 Minuteman press London

2010 die Färberei München

2009 Glockenbachwerkstatt München

2008 Time Cafe Warszawa

2007 Street Festival München

2007 Kulturtage Weicht

2006 Comic Festival (Altes Rathaus) München




Games I spend most time with in chronological order


Another World (Out of this World) / Amiga

Gargoyle's Quest / Game Boy

Actraiser / Super Nintendo

Kid Chameleon / Mege Drive

Samurai Showdown / NEO GEO

Nights / Saturn

Final Fantasy VII / Playstation

Mario 64 / N64

Nomad Soul / PC

Grand Heft Auto III – Vice City / PC & Playstation 2

Silent Hill 4 / Playstation 2



Movies I watched more then 10 times for sure!


Starwars III (Espisode 6) – Return of the Jedi

The Wraight (Interceptor)

Blade Runner


Urotsukidoji – Legend of the Overfiend


Total Recall

Aliens Return

Terminator 2 – The Judgement Day

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

From Dusk till Down


Spider-Man (Sam Raimi's)


Dawn of the Dead

Minority Report

Beowulf (the CGI Animated one)




Some of References, articles and media are on my artist page:

The Blog with the Portfolio (Blogfolio) of my recent works from the Game Design and Development study is here:

Last Concept arts and Illustrations from the indvidual projects you can find at:


Here is my actual showreel! Any further details will be made available upon request.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Flash
Open Toonz
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere
Maxon Cinema 4D
Autodesk Maya
Autodesk Mudbox
Unity, C#
Html, Cs, JS