CV - 履歴書

Auron Zoe

Born 1990 in Warsaw / Poland family roots from France and Netherland
Speaking: Polisch, German, Englisch, (...learning Japanese)

Since 2013 Production for 
AG Prop in Berlin, Bild online, Telekom TV in Berlin
and as Multimediadesigner at the JAHREISS Agency

2016 1st Place Winner of international TJX music video award.

2012 Workship with the team of "Springer Verlag"

2011-2012 Employed as cartoonist for a theatrical motion picture
named "Unplugged: Leben - Guaia Guaia" comming Juli 11th 2013
in german language theaters around the world.

2011 Internship as Digital & Videocontent at "MAGIX

2010 Workship with the team of "Automechanika.TV"

2010 1st place with the Clip “geppebba” at the
German Fashion Film Awards in Berlin

2008-2009 Further education as "Film and Videoeditor"
at the "Macromedia Academy of Media" in Munich

2007-2008 Workship with "ViSeal Productions"

2007 cutter for the "Münchner Filmwerkstatt"
and the german-japanese co. production "The red spot"


2018 Animagic Mannheim (Project booth)
2018 Wie.Mai.Kai Mainz(Project booth and Workshops)
2018 Dokomi Düsseldorf (making Workshops)
2017 Mega Manga Convention Berlin (with a Project booth and Workshops)
2017 Medientage München (Project booth and Workshops)
2017 Annite Viena (Project booth and Workshops)
2017 Animesse Berlin (Project booth)
2017 Wie.Mai.Kai  (Project booth and Workshops)
2017 Dokomi Düsseldorf (Project booth and Workshops)
2016 Wie.Mai.Kai (Project booth and Workshops)
2016 Animesse Berlin (Workshops)
2016 Dokomi Düsseldorf (Project booth and Workshops)
2015 Mega Manga Convention Berlin (screening)
2015 Connichi con Kassel (1st Project booth)


2015 KÖSK München
2015 Färberei München "Time ink"
2014 ことり食堂 (Bird Cafeteria) Shibuya, Tokio
2012 Orchard Windows Gallery New York City
2012 R. - Raum für drastische maßnahmen Berlin
2012 Various Artists Berlin im Factory Forum Berlin
2011 Udo Walz Gallery Berlin
2011 Time Cafe Warszawa
2011 Minuteman press London
2010 die Färberei München
2009 Glockenbachwerkstatt München
2008 Time Cafe Warszawa
2007 Street Festival München
2007 Kulturtage Weicht
2006 Altes Rathaus/ Comic Festival München


2010 "Digimedial - Social network marketing"
at the University of Art Berlin.

2009 Editing and Spezial Effects at
Macromedia the Academy of Media in Munich.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Flash
Open Toonz
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere
Maxon Cinema 4D
Autodesk Maya
Unity, C#
Html, Cs, JS