WORKS - 作品

You can follow my works at the actuall project on my Blogfolio!

Actually working on the "SYNCHRONIZER" Animeproduction under the
"Anime house" Label.

Watch the Stereoscope VR Cardboard Version!

Newest animated music video for "Waveshaper" the synth wave artist!

Visit the channels to subscribe and watch more videos!

These are the latest works made during the travelling across america
and happening of "sandy" the hurricane!

This are the original blue tapes from the windows used for security time during the hurricane
and for the frames on the orchard windows gallery show in New York city after
the catastrophe!

Te following pictures are a very small collection of some publiced and privat works!
Photomontages and Illustrations in different styles.
All made by Auron Zoe between 1996 and 2012.