I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at Universitat Pompeu Fabra - Department of Economics and Business and Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.

My current research is in public economics, focusing primarily on the effects of tax competition on the dynamics of economic growth and income inequality. Against the background of long-term decreasing trends in corporate income taxation, in particular across EU countries, recent work considers how, in a setting of uncoordinated fiscal policies (or "fiscal decentralization", broadly speaking), capital mobility provides incentives for growth-oriented policies that may, in the long-run, undermine the redistributive role of governments. Various tax harmonization scenarios that could be considered in the context of a set of economically and politically integrated countries like the European Union are studied. An important message from this line of research, so far: the harmonization of capital taxes is no panacea...

Research interests:

Public Economics, Political Economy, Economic Growth

Since you're here... have a look at my beautiful hometown (Porto!) at dusk:

(NB photo taken with a handy but unpretentious mobile phone camera!)