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CanadaSt.Petersburg,  StockholmSwitzerlandGermanyUSAMexicoVenezuela, Azerbaijan and soon, the Ukraine (my appartment)

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2007-          Pechersk International School                                               Kiev

                   Secondary School Counselor, TOK Teacher


2005-2007    The International School of Azerbaijan                                Baku

                   DP,  MYP  Psychology, Humanities, Languages teacher,

                   coordinator for Aproaches to Learning


2004-2005     Benedict School                                                                   Münster

                    English, Spanish, French, Latin Teacher



2002-2004      Anglo-American School and ABC Int’l                               St. Petersburg

                      English and Music Teacher


In parallel,  post-doctoral researcher in Music History and Aesthetics at the

St.Petersburg State Conservatory, piano studies with Vasiliy Alexievich Kalmikov



2000-2002       American College of Switzerland                                         Leysin

                       Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology


                      in parallel, Geneva Business Institute                                    Geneva

                      professor of Management Psychology and

                      Organizational Behaviour


1999-2000       Ecole Normale Supérieure, Ecole Polytechnique                Lyon, Paris 

                      Guest researcher


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1998-1999       Karolinska Institute (houses the Noble Institute)                Stockholm

                      Unit for Brain Development

      Guest researcher, Areas: Systems Neurobiology,

                       Comparative Neurology



1996–1998      Institut de Biologie Cellulaire, Faculty of Medicine              Lausanne

                      Teacher and Researcher



1993-1997      Institut für Anatomie und Spezielle Embyologie                   Fribourg

                      Teacher and Researcher





DIPLOMAS AND other courses of study



2002-present  (in progress)         Ph.D. Philosopy/Music - Universität Münster

topic                                        "Musical Aesthetics in Adorno and Sartre"


2000 Nobel Institute                  post-doc Developmental Neurobiology

1998 Universitaet Freiburg         Ph.D, Neurophysiology, Cognitive Psychology

1993 Université de Fribourg       M.A., bilingual,  Summa cum laude in Philosophy,

                                                & Experimental Psychology

1991 University of Toronto

        (Trinity College)                 B.A. (DoubleHons.) Greek, Latin, Philosophy, German


Computer skills



Systems, languages:                     Word, Excel, Powerpoint (Advanced)





Fluent:                                      English, French, Spanish,  German, Italian, Russian

                                               Experienced teacher of Spanish, English, and French





·         Scientific article published by Oxford University Press.

·        Paper 'Our Brain and Our Mind', Faculty of Medicine, Debrecen, Hungary

·         L. Murillo, "Wo im Gehirn steckt die Phantasie", paper delivered at the Bern Week of the Brain, 9-18 March 2000


·         L.Murillo, Stefan Zweig "Erzählungen", translated from the original German as "Cuentos", Ediciones Fontamara, Mexico. – awarded special prize by the National Counsel for Arts and Culture.



             International Baccalaureate Organization - Assistant examiner in Psychology   

             American Academy of Political Science

            European Society of Philosophy and Psychology




                  Piano Literature:  Bach, Shostakovich, Chopin,  

                  Rachmaninoff, Beethoven,  Liszt, Schubert

                  former piano teachers: Tanya Tkachenko, Vasily Alexievich Kalmikov,

                  Adela Bikilova


                  Art History - particularly Russian Art, Impressionism, and Van Gogh



                  Cinema History. Teacher: Freddy BuacheSwiss Film Archive Lausanne

                   favourite directors: Bunuel, Woody Allen, Wong Kar Wai, Rohmer, Siodmak, Antonioni, Coppola


                   German Literature and Philosophy: especially Adorno, Kant, Kafka, Freud, Mann,  and Zweig


                   German Sociology: Marx, Weber, Frankfurter Schule: Adorno, Habermas


                   PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION


                   Great Books and Student Centered teaching  (Phillips Exeter Academy and the Harkness method),  and          

                   applying Cognitive Neuroscience to Teaching