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 "Best Green Cars 2009"

The Quant / (Video)

(It looks like fake, never did run on the road)


Tesla Model S / (Video)

(It is taking too much time, because Obama
did buy a broken company GM for 40 billions, 
rewarding those  incompetents who  years 
ago did destroy their own  electric car and
did make lose  trillions of dollars to their
 own country.  Instead of giving the money
to the Tesla guys with a better car)

BYD E6 / (Video)

 (They are leading and are going to lead the World markets)




  "Best Green Cars 2008"

Tesla Roadster / (Video)

Aptera / (Video)

Venturi Volage  (Video) / Venturi Fetish  (Video)   

  "Best Hydrogen & Hybrid Car 2009"


  "Best Heroes for the Green Car"


Nano Ultra II 

Buge / (Videos)

Go-one Velomobil / (Videos)

Puma / (Videos)



"Greatest Futuristic Car Designers"

Peugeot I / Peugeot II

  "Best Electric Wheel"


Michelin  / (Video)

Energy-harvesting shock absorbers 


"Best Intelligent Technology for Parking Aid"

ULTRASONIC SENSOR (Intelligent Parking Aid) / (Photos)

Nissan Pivo / (Photos) 



  "Best Green Motorcycle 2009"

"Best Segways"

Segway XT / (Video)

Centaur / (Video)


Toyota Personal Transport / (Video)

GoPed Electric Scooter / (Video) 

Honda's Robot Transporter  *  




  "Best Green Industrial Filter Against CO2 = 99.5%"


Absalutecology / (Video)

Clean Coal / (Video)

You can also ask Powerspan and compare prices... 



  "Best Wind Power Systems For Buildings"


 Magnetic Wind Turbine / (Video)  / How to Build It  

Bil Becker Wind System / (Video) / (Photos) 


 Wind System, Helix Power / (Video) / (Photos)


TESNIC Wind Turbine




"Best Clean Energy Powered; Vertical Airplane Project"

The idea is to use hydrogen jet motors;
but once in the air to be able to have all kind of useful clean energy systems.

 Jet Hydrogen + Clean Energy Vertical Airplane

"Challenge your Imagination"


 Garrow Aircraft's Verticopter VTOL concept

 Israel Tech..Flying Car




Hydrogen-Powered Plane Takes FlightDiscovery

 Personal Flight Pack / Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) Engine

Colling Plasma Toroid Fusion / How Stuff Work?

Alien Jump Jet the coolest new aircraft

Solar Electric Airplane

Sonex Electric


Fuel-Less Gravity Powered Airplane (Helium)



 Flying Manta Ray





  Delorean ATG

 Magnetic Air Car

 Giroscope Experiments

Sky Ranger

Robo Saltarin

 Variable Field Magnet Motor

 Frisbee UAV 

 Aesir Coanda 

 Stirling Engine Solar Power 



"The Clean Electric Revolution"



We have the Electric Car on the market. Now you can add new batteries which can be recharged within minutes, be able to use the new solar flexible cells or plastic cells & also it is possible to have energy on the streets with Wireless Electricity Systems...  it is about to install it in some parts of the roads.         




Free Energy - Nokia

Wireless Electricity 2009


Prismsolar Technology 


Bio Battery 

Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell


Super Wave Fusion 



Solar Botanic Renewable Energy Systems


Initiating from Peru for the World over, the Era of Clean Air  


Wireless Electricity//Can be useful for cars & robots on the street because you can have easy access to  electricity, even when the car is running, on the red lights or parking places, instead of losing energy... for cars, it is just about to incorporate a little automatic robot arm under the vehicle (or install the wireless system in/on the wheels) to reach the energy... Today you can transmit data while supplying electricity, and new batteries can be recharged within minutes. So you can sell energy by putting bands for the wireless electricity system, in some parts of the street. Avoiding the need to go to the "Gas Station"...When the Red-light change to green the system stop supplying electricity avoiding any traffic problem. You can also use the flexible solar panels on the body of the car & for the Red light system. Or even if you have a solar or wind system at home, you can sell electricity on the street. So the state investment can be minimal.


Volks Wagen Transparent Factory. They use wireless electricity, why not put it on the streets it is about to improve the system & make it cheaper. 


Magnet Connector, Mac Sample: Can be Useful for cars & robots on the street because you can have easy access to electricity, it is just about to incorporate a little automatic robot arm to reach the energy under the vehicle... Today you can transmit data while supplying electricity. So the system can sell energy on the streets, "parkings are very good places for recharging the batteries, with the magnetic plug system.



Magnetic Break free audio plug



Bluetooth Audio Radio Interface


PLC Adapter (to get energy and data): Power Line Communication is a technology that uses power lines to both supply electric power and transmit data. As data signals and electricity travel at different wavelengths.

Solar Cells now are flexible, cheaper & they can collect electricity even in cloudy days; from different kinds of light like infrared light....