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"Robot of the Year 2010"

Hinamitetu  N°6   *    Japan
Tips 2010 !!!

 Congratulations for the new robot!!!



"LEGO Technic"  2.  3.

- Hinamitetu   *   (Photos)   (Web)    Japan

- Daddy The Easy  1  (Takashima Lab.)

           - Super Mechano Boy (SMB)  *   *
                (COE)  (Yamakita Lab.)

- Amador "Robot Cajon" *  Peru

                              - M-Robot   *   (Photos)
           - ARAMIES    *   (Photos)    *   *   *  
"Robot of the Year 2009" 

Fast Running Robot!!
(R-Blue10) / (Balancing Robot)

I have an additional idea to
make it run even faster...

If you use the "tripod" or Readybot concept for the
 up part of the Toyota Robot legs (enlarge and contract
beyond the human model or even a leverage or shock absorber effect);
it will allow him to run even faster while
 keeping the necessary stability:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15
16 17

ApriAttenda Ver.2


 - The future of Humanoid Robots do not depends just on improving artificial muscles but it is very important to make special electric linear actuators for the legs (or a shock absorber mechanism between the servos) to be able to change sizes on it ("enlarge & contract" beyond the human model) or other solutions to allow a better spring effect by running. It will be interesting to consider models feet "Toyota, Wabian-2 or Mark Ho" for little robots or to build an artificial heel mechanism with shock absorber(s); for example. Plus lightweight but strong materials for the structure. Also better cylindric electric actuators for the joints (servos), will help.

Mark Ho

Petman   *    (Photos)

 "Powerbocking"   (Photos)
"Pogo Stick"  & "BowGo"

Jumping Robots  (Photos)

OMNIZERO 6  &  9
 (Takeshi Maeda)
(Tbot) (M) (WK)

(Neutrino X)

Potential Humanoid Spine or
Neck Mechanism!!
Hexapod 6 Axis: *
  Flexible Spine (Jimmy Or) (Article)

G-Tune "Transforms"
 (Photo)  (SISO Lab.)

"Something that nobody does"
Super Astronaut
  * (Photos) 
/ ZomBot / LEGO

"Watch RedBot"

*  (Team Dornbirn)

Ropid *
Tomotaka Takahashi
/ (Jo-Zero)
/ (ACCEL) / (King Kizer)


 - Functional little hands (TK03-BloodKeit)  are other key issue for the development of the humanoid robot industry  (Watch the link Additional Tech; up this website).


HSR    *   (RIT Lab - Korea) 

- Kendo Training Robot

 (Photos)  Seoul National U.

Robonaut 2   *    (Photos) 

- So, to get better body structures will help the process of improving softwares for them. There are also other intelligent systems that you can develop without them but useful. Make a click on the link "The Humanoid Robot"; up this page.
- Processors (little computers) market; is already working well.
- There are two basic ways for building humanoid robots: similar to humans or with better (or worse) skills.  It is depending on your needs.
- The process of Alive Experimental Natural Transformation (not always Evolution of skills) in humans was: First walking with four legs, second jumping on the trees (succeeding and/or falling), third walking with two legs
(succeeding and/or falling)
. The food (electricity for robots) was always everywhere but did require some skills or tools to get it! It will be important to consider those issues for improving the humanoid robots and/or Artificial Intelligent Systems; faster.
SDR-3X  * SDR-4X  * 
(Sony)  (Sony.net)

(Photo)  /AHRA  /Mahru-RMahru-III  *  (P)  (KIST)  Korea

EMIEW  *   (Photos) 

NEXTSTAGE (Web)   * 
Kawada Industries


"Tagging Reality"

"Natural Finger Gestures on iPhone (Tiny Wave)"

"Humanoid Robot Controlled By Twitter (i-SOBOT)"

"(PLEN) Controlled By Android"

"Thought-controlled (Emotiv)"



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