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mind and language

ucl working papers in linguistics 24, 45-74

wh-movement and inversion in Spanish: a visual analogue scale analysis
(with Hideki Maki and Satoru Yokohama)
proceedings of the 13th tokyo conference on psycholinguistics, 137-157 

review of cornelia endriss' quantificational topics
87, 4, 908-911

a unified approach to split scope (with klaus abels)
natural language semantics 18, 4, 435-470

contextual restrictions on indefinites: spanish algunos and unos
a. giannakidou and m. rathert (eds.) quantification, definiteness and nominalization,
oxford studies in theoretical linguistics 22, oup, 108-132

the semantics of plural indefinites in spanish and portuguese
natural language semantics 16, 1, 1-37

restoring indefinites to normalcy: an experimental study on the scope of spanish algunos
journal of semantics 24, 1, 1-25

unarticulated constituents revisited
linguistics and philosophy 29, 2, 135-166

contextual variables
university of connecticut ph.d dissertation, storrs, ct

contextual variables as pronouns
proceedings of salt 13, r. young and y. zhou (eds.), ithaca, ny: clc publications, 240-257

only, context reconstruction and informativity
proceedings of nels 33, m. kadowaki and s. kawahara (eds.), amherst, ma: glsa publications


quantificational subjects in questions and the a’-nature of agrSp in spanish
mitwpl 40, o. matushansky et al. (eds.), cambridge, ma

intonation, scope and restrictions on quantifiers

proceedings of wccfl 20, k. megerdoomian and l. bar-el (eds.), somerville, ma: cascadilla press, 372-385, and
proceedings of the 11th colloquium on generative grammar, universidad de zaragoza, spain

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