Bio-Terrorism of Worker's Party

Members of Worker's Party are accused to disseminate a plague that destroyed cocoa farms in the south of Bahia State (northeast of Brazil)

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Anderson Schneider
Franco Timóteo, confessed guilty: the plan was to drain political influence from the cocoa "barons"

On may, 22th , 1989, during a routine inspection, a group of technicians discovered the first focus of a devastating infection known as "vassoura-de-bruxa" (witch-sweep)in a cocoa farm in the south of Bahia (northeast of Brazil). This plague is mortal to the cocoa tree. The technicians, however, calmed down with the supposition that it was just an isolated focus. It was a mistake. In less than three years, in a frightening pace and weirdly linear way, the witch-sweep destroyed cocoa harvests in the region - and raised  suspicious of a foreign country sabottage. Technicians found infected branches tied to cocoa trees. Now, seventeen years later, come the first eye witness to explain that has been, in fact, a sabottage, but it was a brazilian work.


In four interviews for VEJA reporters, administration technician Luiz Henrique Franco, 54, told in details how he (a fervorous PDT - Workers Democratic Party - militant that time) joined other five PT (Workers Party - the government party) militants to execute the dirty job. The reason: to oust all the "Cocoa Barons" from political power by destructing their economic power.

The dirty trick suceeded. In 1992 - when the plague devastaded most of the cocoa culture, cutted national production the less than the previous half and 200.000 jobs were vanished -  Geraldo Simões, one of the participants of the group, was elected mayor of Itabuna- Bahia, the former Cocoa´s national capital .

Read the  original article (portuguese) here

Roberto Setton
Farmer Ozéas Gomes, that saw his business to fade by the plague: "I´ve got very angry"

Haroldo Abrantes/Ag. A Tarde
Beto Barata/AE
Geraldo Simões: policital ascencion after the sabottage


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