What to do with your poems (in approximate order of effort/risk/exposure):

1. Nothing (they are just for you)

2. Share with friends and family (they are just for you and those close to you)

3. Post online (on social media, on your website, workshops, forums, blogs, Twitter, Facebook)

4. Post online (audio/visual i.e. video of poem on YouTube, image with text on Instagram)

5. Go to readings (read your poems out loud)

6. Go to workshops (share and discuss poems)

7. Send to magazines (online or print, see Happenstance’s reputable magazine list)

8. Best poems 20-40 lines long: send to competitions (if young, Foyles/Eric Gregory, if not National, Bridport, Ledbury, Manchester etc check Poetry Kit Competition List for more)

9. Best 20+ poems: send sample for pamphlet publication

10. Best 50+ poems: send sample for book publication