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The XITE-3D is a versatile and powerful 3D audio workstation available at an affordable and convenient price. NEW! Now the package include also XITE-3D MIDI Controller, a new software available as standalone or VST plugin for Windows7. Download it at the bottom of this page and give it a look!
The XITE-3D package includes one XITE-1 D with its SCOPE software and The 3D Audio Controller software conceived by Luigi Agostini and developed by Simone Cercignani for LA Digital Solutions.
XITE-3D Hardware

The XITE-3D system offers the well-known 3D-EST technology by Luigi Agostini plus some new unique features like the real-time variable position of the listener and the new ADSS algorithm, acronym of Auto Depth Spherical Surround. But also the basic algorithm of 3D-EST has been completely re-written taking in account the latest innovations in 3D soundscape simulation. Various Preset Projects are included in the package and the Import/Export Tab of The 3D Audio Controller software offers you the option to work in real 3D audio or in the traditional 2D surround setup like 5.1 or 7.1. Each mono source in input is positioned in the 3D space becoming a multi-channel output. The XITE-3D can be used also to convert a soundscape in real time between all the audio formats that use a max of eight speakers. The virtual position of each speaker in the Open GL GUI can be changed at any time but the paths assigned to the input sources remain the same. The 10 SHARC DSPs of XITE-3D will calculate in real time all the necessary changes to mantain the same 3D effect on the new setup of speakers. 

T E C H N I C A L   D A T A   X I T E-3 D 

DSP Hardware with 10 SHARC DSPs and 36 I/Os incl. SCOPE v5.1 Software

Sample rates

44.1, 48, 96 kHz

Internal audio signals

32 Bit

Control accuracy

32 Bit

Internal word length

over 80 Bit

number of DSP Chips XITE-1D

4xSharc (333 MHz), 6xSharc (60 MHz)


19" / 1HE


5,1 kg

Dimensions (without rack mounting accessories)

445 x 192 x 45 (W, L, H)

Connection to Desktop  PC

PCIe card (included)

Connection to Latop PC

ExpressCard (optional)

Rear panel connections

Analog Stereo

XLR symmetric, stereo in and out


XLR, 2 channels

2 x ADAT In/Out

16 channels in + 16 channels out

2 x Z-Link In/Out

16 channels in + 16 channels out


MIDI In/Out/Thru


input, output


Expansion slot


Connection via HDMI cable to PC

Software features

SCOPE v5.1 Software package

The 3D Audio Controller by LA Digital Solutions (from 1 to 14 in/8 out)


8 different 2D mixers, 


over 18 different synths and samplers


over than 300 modules, over 100 patches


over than 60 effects

Power supply

External power supply 12V

Ships with

PCI-Express interfaces , HDMI cable, power supply, installation CD, manual

More info on The 3D Audio Controller Software
Luigi Agostini,
Jul 31, 2012, 2:46 AM