ZBlooD v4.4

ZBlooD v4.4 is my upcoming project based off of Doorhenge and Pysren's mod known as ZBlood. Lots of people know it has that rushed mod with no purpose but however ever since viewing bubba sawyer's video explaining how it was inaccurate to the original I decided to fix some of the stuff with ZBloodX.

My project is aimed to make ZBlood as possible to the original minus level design (though a few levels will be fixed) I'm reading enemies such as the bat which had been removed from ZBloodX.  Enemies will have all of their original functions and animations readded as well such as the jumping and shocking sprites.

Weapons are also going to be vastly improved to make them like the original weapons from blood.  Weapons such as the pitchfork will have their original animations and attacks added.


ZBlood is set a year after the original game after the tchernobog being resurrected from the grave as well.

"After your victory over the dark god Tchernobog, you finally return to your grave for a little R&D - rest and decomposition. It has been nearly a year since your encounter at the Hall of Epiphany, but you seem troubled. Somehow it was too easy to dispose of the dark lord. It's almost as though he wanted you to beat him. Suddenly you stir. In your mind you can hear your once master laughing, his voice taunting you. You can then take it no longer and decide to awaken once again and confront the Cabal. After waking up from your tomb you'll be slaying anyone in your path trying to defeat you"


(Beta Build 5-2-2016)

Features Added:

All items replaced with their voxel counter part.
All Enemies now have their shocking animations fully workable.
Pitchfork's Animation and Attack has been fixed to be closer to the original.
Caleb's Original Functions have been readded into the mod.
The Key-Cultist has been added to replace the stand-alone key in the first level.
Two More Deathmatch levels and Three regular levels have been added.
Caleb's Sounds have been readded.