My Sprites/Drawings


I've always loved drawing ever since I was a toddler. I may not be the best drawer but I never give up when it comes to art. My art talent grew when I learned about drawing on the computer using and tablet and of course sprite making. So I might as well share my creations to everyone since on google+ more posts keep getting made to the point that it's under a bunch of posts. So I might as well post them here as well this will go as newest to oldest.

Some sprites in the logo belong to Untrustable credit to him and everyone else who ripped the sprites

 *Announcement*  *December 9th 2015*

I'm now accepting requests for sprites but however there will be some rules for this first because I don't want to waste my time making some shitty recolor some ten year old sent me like "Egdy the Hedezhog" I'm not drawing awful garbage like that. But minus me being a little rude here's the rules for the requests.

1. The Character has to be design well - great (no shitty character designs)

2. Learn to wait for these things they take time.

3. Poorly done Recolors aren't allowed for this I'm sick of seeing garbage like this on deviantart and I'm not becoming one of those artists.

4. No I'm not doing art for terry wads though I might do something like that for another time.

And those are the rules.

11-30-2016 (Concept Sprites for BoA Progress #1)
Sorry for the wait, here's a preview for my new sprites.

7-20-2016 (Trump Mugshots)

7-7-2016 (More BoA Concepts)

7-6-2016 (Blade of Agony Player Concept)

7-6-2016 (Headcrab Hitler)

7-5-2016 (John Romero's SMB3 Mario)

6-7-2016 (Half-Life Scientist)

6-7-2016 (Half-enstein Leftovers)

6-2-2016 (Machine Gun Hitler)
credit goes to the person who made the gun I don't own that part of the sprite.

5-19-2016 (UMM)

5-18-2016 (Majors Officer Update #1)
While working on the whole BJ Sprite Fix project for the new samsara updates. I decided to do more enemies as well and this time completing them and not making two of three sprites of one character YAYYYY!!!!. I'm also going to do some Doom Maps as well in the mean time during summer Break.

5-17-2016 (Astrostein Mecha SS)

5-11-2016 (More BJ Frames)
Sorry for the lack of sprites lately. Anyways since samsara has been brought back I decided to work on my BJ Frames project again. I'm hoping these sprites will become the new player sprites for BJ as I'm still waiting to see what the developer has to say. 

5-3-2016 (BJ Hit Frames)
Alright i'll keep updating this once I make more frames for this.

5-2-2016 (Terrorist Wolfenstein Sprites)
I'm taking a break from Nazis and focusing on some jhaidstein sprites instead.

5-2-2016 (Fixed Shooting Frames)

4-28-2016 (Redone Shooting Frames)

4-27-2016 (Blake Stone Soldat) (WIP)
4-27 2016 (Redone Wolfenstein BJ Rotations)
I'm starting the BJ Sprite rotations project all over again since I wasn't happy with the older ones I did.
4-27-2016 (Undead Solder)

Unreleased 4/27/2016 (SS Toten Soldat)

4-27-2016 (Diver Guard)
I decided to put some of the blood rips into good use.

4-19-2016 (Shrek Rotations for Doom)
Sorry about my inactivity here well since the doom community has a lot of joke wads. I decided to make some sprites for the doom joke wad community.

4-15-2016 (More Blood Junk)
Some more random blood weapon sprites I did.

4-13-2016 (Swat Dude)

4-12-2016 (ZBlood Revolver)
Since I'm working on a project related to ZBloodX, I decided to make concept designs for the revolver's return.

4-11-2016 (Half-Life Doom Status Bar)

4-11-2016 (More Nazi Sprites)

4-8-2016 (BJ Meets Blake Stone)
I wanted to put two different games together in a way, so I did this.

4-6-2016 (The Skull of Hitler Texture Variants)

4-6-2016 (Custom Blood Weapons #1)

4-4-2016 (Chainsaw Officer)

4-1-2016 (Shrug Fuhrer)
All credit goes to relam667 and BoA's creator of the original sprites.

3-30-2016 (Little Soldier)
3-30-2016 (Final Goebbels Design) Update #1
This will be the final design for the joseph Goebbels sprite.

3-30-2016 (Nazi Priest) Request by Theundeadsoldier
This was done for a request.

3-22-2016 (BoA Custom Enemies Rough Artwork)

3-22-2016 (Himmler's Head on a Stick)

3-22-2016 (Himmler)

3-18-2016 (BJ's Pain Rotations and Xdeaths)

3-17-2016 (General Steinmister)

3-17-2016 (Mac Bosses)

3-17-2016 (Random Spriting #1)
Dear lord what have I brought into this world.....

3-16-2016 (Fixed BJ Rotations Progress #3)
I'm currently fixing up some old BJ Rotations that date back to 2005. I'm trying to give them much more shading so they can look like the original BJ Sprites. Here's update #1 so far i'll get the rest of the sprites for this walking frame done in the next couple days.

3-10-2016 (Totenhaus Doomguy Boss)
This was a pretty wired sprite so hey.....let's make it look like it's on PC format.

3-10-2016 (Mecha Guard)

3-10-2016 (Astrostein Mecha)

3-9-2016 (Chaingun Officer Rotations)
This is a very rough prototype of an upcoming sprite sheet of mine that's going to feature well a officer holding a chaingun.

3-8-2016 (Probe Hitler Update)

3-7-2016 (Snes Ubermutant)
Yet another design choice for the snes ubermutant.

3-2-2016 (More Faithful Rott Officer Sprites)

3-1-2016 (Death Fuhrer)

2-29-2016 (Demon Fuhrer)

2-29-2016 (Benito Mussolini)
This was originally a design concept for someone else's wolf3d/Doom mod but however the creator of the upcoming mod turned it down because he didn't feel like putting him in the game as an enemy.

2-29-2016 (SS Back Arms)
The first sprite is Zio McCall's Officer sprite while on the right is the sprites I did of the SS Soldier with his arms on his back. You can call this an inspiration of some sorts but personally I did this out of curiosity for the most part.

2-24-2016 (Enchanted Fake Hitler)
I never really liked how the fake hitler enemy looked in Wolf3d since he looked slightly deformed and mushed up looking. So I took it upon myself to slightly fix his face up a bit and this was the result.

2-24-2016 (Deformed Fuhrer)
Yes this exists now.

2-19-2016 (Ubermutant Sheet)

2-18-2016 (Final Hud for Wolfenstein Invasion II)
I'm currently helping out Untrustable with his upcoming projects such as making new designs, fixing up some of the sprites exc. Anyways I'm going to send out this hud design in about a half an hour and then make a wad containing the hud and the number placements.

2-15-2016 (Hitler Stick in DooM 2)
After ten minutes he's finally imported i'll post a download link to him later. 

2-11-2016 (Samvision's Canon)

The sprites that he posted were in very blury quality on the spriting carnaval page on the zdoom forums so I decided to clean them up a bit and this was the result.

Credit goes to Samvision for the canon sprites.

2-10-2016 (Probe Hitler and Extra)

2-10-2016 (New STBAR)

2-9-2016 (Upcoming Sprites)
Here's a preview of some sprites I'm currently working on including a recreation of one of the prototype metal suit hitlers which is the one in that's shaped like a blue pill.

2-4-2016 (General Blaskahennin)

2-1-2016 (Mobile Chair Hitler)
Credit to 3DRelams for releasing the sprites for the cancelled Wolf3d sequel. I'm still learning the anatomy for the sprites so don't be surprised if it looks kind of weird.

1-28-2016 (Rise of the Wolfenstein Sprite #1)
A nice simple sprite I did just to focus more on the death knight rotations I'm working on.

1-27-2016 (American Officer)
I'm kind of taking a break towards Nazi sprites, so here is  one of the American related soldiers and officers that I did.

1-26-2016 (Brutal Wolfenstein)
I'm starting to love the new mod know as "Brutal Wolfenstein" a lot so why not redo some of the brutal doom sprites but with the wolfenstein enemies.

1-25-2016 Otto Giftmacher Rotation Sprites 

1-25-2016 (Laz Boss Recreation)
A current enemy I'm working on for the wolfenstein boss rotation forum.

1-22-2016 (Rotation Test)
Just a simple test I did for Untrustable.

1-22-2016 (New Soldier Preview)

1-21-2016 (M-92 Walker)

1-21-2016 (Wolfenstein Nailgun)
Here's a custom nailgun I did for wolfenstein 3-d It's meant to replace the chaingun.

1-20-2016 (Joseph Gobbles)
Another custom wolf3d boss finished.

1-19-2016 (Duke Junk)
Just a bunch of random duke stuff I made.

1-19-2016 (Improved Ranger)
I decided to improve my old ranger sprite slightly since I wasn't really a fan of the original.

1-15-2016 (Mecha SS Soldat)

1-15-2016 (BJ Rip)
Yet another rip from the zdoom forums.

1-14-2016 (Ghost Rider)
My favorite one I did as of the moment has too be this guy.

1-14-2016 (Former Sargent-Dopefish Jockey)
Now here's something that the DooM community needs.....Hey sgtmarkIV put this in Brutal DooM v.21!?!?!?

1-14-2016 (Mac SS)

1-13-2016 (Escape the house weapons)

1-13-2016 (Super Mutant)
Doom sprites are fun to edit. Especially when it comes to turning them into custom wolfenstein enemies/bosses.

1-8-2016 (Gerenal Adam Vonvachen)

1-8-2016 (Zombie Soldier)

One thing doom forgot was the government being in the story of the game. So heck why not make some infected soldiers.

1-8-2016 (Shotgun Quake Styled)

1-7-2015 (MiniPistol)

1-7-2016 (Dos Mario)
Here's most likely the only good sprite of the dos Mario 3 sprites you can find at the moment. This was based off of ID Software's 5-7 level port of "Super Mario Bros 3" I decided to recreate the jumping sprite, Since it was the easiest to recreate.

1-6-2016 (Quake: RTTSGC STBAR)

Yes after a long time I'm finally back!!!!. And what better to start out the new year with a new status bar for doom. This was made for my upcoming wad known as (Quake: Return to the Slipgate Complex)

12-18-2015 (Quake Ranger)

Sorry for being Inactive but anyways since I was bored why not make a quake ranger in the style of wolfenstein.

12-15-2015 (Rott Commando)

Again another one of those post tests for the enemies from the cancelled Wolfenstein Rott expansion pack.

12-15-2015 (Post Testing #1)

12-15-2015 (German Officer)
Here's another one of the characters that's going to be in my doom character pack featuring 20 new characters in doom and doom 2.

12-15-2015 (US Soldier)

Well here's my first us soldier and not my last.

12-15-2015 (B-16 1000)

This Android right here is mostly inspired by old killer robot films from the 40s and 50s. He uses graphics from the robots from the cancelled wolfenstein expansion pack.

12-14-2015 (Custom Glock)

Here's just a simple custom glock sprite I did.

12-11-2015 (Strike Team)

12-11-2015 (Hanged Hitler)

12-10-2015 (Hotel Officer)
An updated version of an enemy from operation reginhold.

12-10-2015 (Keen V2.0)

12-10-2015 (Elderly Guard)

It's been 70 years since world war 2 and you're wondering, "What happened to one of the enemies that survived" well here he is.

12-9-2015 (Nazi Scientist)

This one is a little different compared to the other sprites I've made and for good reason. I thought putting a little more detail in my sprites and artwork would make it look much better compared to the other sprites for example remember the half life sprites I did a couple days back well I thought making the sprites like that would be much better then what I usually do. I make these sprites during some free time In school and I might make them at my house pretty soon so stay tuned for that.-

12-9-2015 (Duke Nukem SS)

We all know the secret map from doom with the wolfenstein ss officers right? well here's the officer using the duke nukem 3d palette since doom guy was a easter egg in duke 3d.

12-9-2015 (The Haunted)

Just a ghost archvile.

12-9-2015 (Chaingunner)

I designed this character for my upcoming character wad pack.

12-8-2015 (Machine Gun Officer

Another one of my post tests.

12-8-2015 (Stealth Wolfenstein SS Guard)

I'm currently testing with body design to give this characters of Id Software and the rest of the popular first person shooter companies more of a unique pose set.

12-7-2015 (Dr. Eli Vance)

Yet Another one of the black mesa scientists that are in both games.

12-7-2015 (Dr. Rosenberg)

Here's Dr Rosenberg from the half life expansion pack "Blue Shift" he's also known as one of the regular scientists from the original half life.

(I'm having trouble uploading the fixed version)

12-7-2015 (Barney Calhoun)

Right here we have barney one of the main allies of half life who also was in both half life games as well as his own expansion pack half life blue shift.

12-7-2015 (Dr Kleiner)

Recently after checking out Marphy Black's cancelled Half-Life Wolf3d conversion I've had the idea to recreate the original Half-Life 1 characters in the Wolfenstein 3-D style. Starting with dr kleiner one of the original scientists of Half-Life who's in both half life games. I'm starting with the scientists since there the easiest to make unlike the enemies not counting the headcrab. I'm also doing since just recently after nine years legit Half-Life Episode 4 screenshots have been shown all over the internet and no these aren't fakes being judging by the photographs they look pretty much legit.

12-7-2015 (Gordon Freeman Wolfenstein Faces)

Some of the sprites of marphy black's half life project redid.

12-7-2015 (Black Mesa Scientist v.1)

My take on marphy black's cancelled/dropped project Ec-Life/ Half-Life for ECWolf

12-3-2015 (Security Officer)
I decided to put my take on the ww Nazis doom wad designs and made this as a proof of concept. (of course security is spelled wrong lol)

12-3-2015 (Original VGA)
This is most likely what wolfenstein would've looked like hadn't dos change it's VGA format.

12-3-2015 (Commander Keen)
I'm currently working on a new player skin for doom. But who is it? well it's none other then Commander keen the golden boy of tom hall's video game making history (Who had a pretty bad GBC game as well) But minus that he will always be remember for being one of the id software/soft disk godfathers.

12-2-2015 (Mecha Hitler)
Here's my giant sprite of the week.

12-2-2015 (Hovering Hitler)
No need to wait for a hover board. Just simply go back to 1943 and ask hitler for one.

12-2-2015 (Tan Officer)
Yet another palette swap.

12-2-2015 (Green Ghost)
Some computer and console ports of pac-man sometimes would replace the blue ghost with a green one instead. I'm guessing so it would fit for the palette or people would confuse it for the blue ghosts.

12-2-2015 (SS Head)
After the oldish blood missions I might make another mod this time you play as an enemy that has betrayed the Nazi empire.

12-1-2015 (Updated Huds)

12-1-2015 (Hand Grenade)
As for my upcoming wolfendoom: oldish blood missions wad I'm currently working on new weapons in the jaguar style. He's the first version of the hand grenade sprite so far.

12-1-2015 (Updated Standing)
I'm currently doing some sprites for the half life scientists in wolf3d form so here's what there standing pose looks like.

12-1-2015 (Shooting William)
While making my own doom player skin of BJ/William I decided to upload one of them here

11-24-2015 (Officer With Beard)

11-24-2015 (Gary Coated Soldier)
Yet Another Rise of the Triad enemy in wolfenstein format. Honestly these are turning out pretty good so far and in my opinion this is how they might have looked had wolfenstein 3d rise of the triad been released. Sadly though we can't make all wishes come true :(

11-24-2015 (Guard Jockey)
Now guards don't have to waste time walking anymore.

11-24-2015 (Doom Create)
Lute Create is now pretty lame why get that when you can get this for only $666 Dollars (Only ships to Tai Tanga,Cyberdemon's Hut,Marine Base and USA) Also comes with a pin as well.

11-23-2015 (Black Uniform Officer)
Yet another one this time a officer.

11-23-2015 (Tan Uniform Grunt/Officer)
Here we have another rise of the triad enemy in the wolfenstein style.

11-23-2015 (Monk)
I made a few sprites based off the rise of the triad enemies since rise of the triad was originally a wolfenstein add-on. So why not make what I think they may have looked like if they were in the add-on for wolfenstein that was sadly cancelled.

11-20-15 (Ghost Death)
This was one of the ghosts that was suppose to be in the cancelled wolfenstein game "Wolfenstein Part 2: Rise of the Triad" but he never did. this is what his death animation was suppose to look like in my head.

11-19-2015 (RayRay)
A while back I visited monkees now abandoned wolfenstein sprite website, But while looking through the site I saw this guy who made sprites for popular cartoon network and nickeloden character sprites now these where from 2005 so they mostly feature ones that no longer air. I had the idea "Hey why not make Raymond Persi's RayRay character as a sprite" and so I did this is mostly fanart since I've heard of Rayray before I saw the infamous "Freaky Soup Guy" video, so here you go Raymond your character is now a group of sprites :D

RayRay Preview
That's right Raymond persi's creation rayray is getting a sprite as well.

11-18-2015 (Mutant Guard)
Here's something I worked on today a mutant guard. I might make this a sprite sheet believe it or not or even but it in some type of wad, but anyways just to give him that mutant look I decided to be a little lazy with the colors.

11-17-2015 (Otto 2.0)
I no longer have artists block anymore so that means back to sprites.

11-16-2015 (Machine Gun Guard)
I had some artist's block today so here's what I got done.

11-13-2015 (Mixed Batch)
I have nothing to say about this masterpiece.

11-13-2015 (Redesigned Barney)
I wanted to redesign barney a little bit since I wasn't too fond of his old look I also did some rotations for him as well. And since their was some rotation bases of the green guard from spear of destiny mission 2-3 made by Untrustable why not redo barney.

11-13-2015 (Ex-Spectre)
Always wondered what the next evolution of spectres look like well here it is a cyborg like spectre but instead of being well invisible it's a cyborg pinky demon with a missing right hand. I know it looks rough and I might fix it up another time but till then he looks like this.

11-13-2015 (Megasheet v6)
More BJ Sprites added credit to ever made the sprites.

11-12-2015 (Modern Guard)
Here's another modern styled enemy

11-12-2015 (Rise of the triad styled dual pistols)
I made some graphics that can be used for wolfenstein 3d. Thought you might want to convert them to bmp format using Mspaint doesn't do a good job at converting png files to bmp :T


11-12-2015 (McCullin)

Call of duty games are getting a little bit better from what I've heard since activision decided to make their companies work on other titles while a few of the better companies make the cod games so why not make a character from the newest game.

11-12-2015 (Modern SS)

11-10-2015 (Megasheet v5)
Nazi Badge removed

11-10-2015 (Tall and Buff)
Right here is the mutated version of the officer but now buff and tall of course he looks pretty ugly if you ask me.

11-10-2015 (Normal Hitler)
Before he had chainguns replacing his hands here's what he looked like before.

11-10-2015 (Atari 2600 Ghost)
Here's a recreation of the imfamous pac-man ghosts from the Atari 2600 port.

11-7-2015 (Mega Wolfensheet Update v.4)
Added Doberman,SS,Guard and Officer 

11-6-2015 (Nazi SS Guard)

11-6-2015 (Spear Guard)
An updated looking version of the spear of destiny guard.

11-6-2015 (Clark Relevent)
I don't know what I did here I mostly got the idea into making clark kent from DC comics into the relevant from doom.

11-6-2015 (Mega Wolfensheet Update v.3)
Here's the update and finally I got rid of most if not all of the color edges.

11-5-2015 (Super Blazkowtiz)
Here's a super clone of well BJ he's triple the size of BJ himself and is about the size of otto giftmacher. I made this big guy for fun because I was bored and I wanted to make something funny.

11-5-2015 (New Keys)
I decided out of boredom why not make six new keys (including the TF2 Create Key) for wolfenstein 3-D.

11-5-2015 (Fallout Television)
I'm excited about fallout 4 a lot of people are so why not make a doom sprite of the television from fallout.

11-5-2015 (Shotgun Marine)
If you play doom and also mess with the commands a lot you may have heard of the scripted marines. I wanted to put more effort into them so here's the shotgun scripted marine redesigned.

11-5-2015 (Blood Armor)
There's blue there's green now there's red.

11-4-2015 (Celecdoom)
Here's my example of what the doom marine might end up looking like on the celecovision hardware.
11-4-2015 (Golden Armor Hitler)
24k armor suits now available at hitler's suit island get them now before they're all gone.

11-4-2015 (General Josef Mongumega)
I forgot to make a proper one for him so I made one for him.

11-4-2015 (John Goddamn Romero)
Here's the badass granddaddy of FPS games himself John Romero. Well know for making tons of classics here he is in his true 16/32 bit glory.

11-4-2015 (Undercover)
In the muse software wolfenstein games you were allowed to dress up as a Nazi soldier so they wouldn't attack you. This was going to be featured in wolfenstein 3-D but it was scrapped due to the developers wanting to make the game more harder.

11-4-2015 (Human Mutant)
I was always wondering about what the mutant would look like if it was human rather then just a clone of the regular soldiers so I decided why not make this.

11-3-15 (Wolfenweegee)
here's something I did for fun =3

11-3-15 (The New Order Soldiers)
I found some pictures of model rips from wolfenstein the new order so why not make a series recreating the sprites. Here's the new order soldiers well at least one design since there's about three or four of them.

11-3-15 (Barney Calhoun Id Software Style)
Since the nazi guard from wolfenstein 3-d looks oddly similar to barney from the original half life why not make a custom sprite for him. (WIP Sprite Sheet)

11-3-15 (Helmetless Marine)

I looked online and found some BJ Blaskowitz rips so why not use BJ's head and make him look more like doomguy/marine. This will most likely be a sprite sheet since I'm sorta interested in making a project like this. (WIP)

11-2-15 (Wolfenstein Enemies Jaguar Style)
Rebecca Heineman (formally William) was well known for working on a lot of video games from the 90's. She's also well known for winning the space invaders championship in 1980. But what she also was known for was working on the console ports of Wolfenstein 3-D and Doom. So I redesign the sprites in her style but also in the PC style as well.