Asia Society Park Avenue New York

Strange Neighbour, A Window that isn't there

Cinema Novus
Bayside Art Gallery, From The Studios, Brighton, Victoria
MARS Gallery, Melbourne

Art Not Apart Festival, Canberra 2013, Thirst Is a Place, cinema released short                  `

Kerala Documentary film festival, 2009, Fokker’s Mountain Path animated documentary short

Doc Leipzig Animated Documentary film festival and market, 2009 Fokker’s Mountain Path

Adelaide film Festival, 2007, 2009 Fokker’s Mountain Path, Reverie Sans Frontiers

Vladivostock International film festival, 2009, Fokker’s Mountain Path animated documentary short

Stuttgart international festival of Animation, 2009 Fokker’s Mountain Path animated documentary short

SoCal film festival and market, USA, 2009 Fokker’s Mountain Path animated documentary short

Montreal World Film Festival, Canada, 2005, Reverie Sans Frontiers animated documentary short

The Harries digital awards, Reverie Sans Frontiers, Group show, Queensland 2005

Detroit Docs, USA, 2005, Reverie Sans Frontiers animated documentary short

MIAF, Melbourne International Film Festival, 2005 Reverie Sans Frontiers animated documentary short

Revelation Film Festival, Perth, 2005 Reverie Sans Frontiers animated documentary short

Seattle International Film Festival, USA, 2005 Reverie Sans Frontiers animated documentary short

Foyle 35mm international Film Festival, Londonderry, Ireland, 2005, Reverie Sans Frontiers

Asian American film festival, The Asia Society, New York, 2005 Reverie Sans Frontiers

Dendy Awards, in Competition for experimental film, 2004, 2005 Shadow In the Wood, Reverie Sans Frontiers

Interfilm Berlin, Germany, 2005, 2009 Reverie Sans Frontiers / Shadow in the Wood

Brisbane international animation festival, 2004, Shadow In the Wood

St Kilda Film Festival, 2004 30 seconds of Entertainment, 2005, Shadow In the Wood

Damah Spiritual film festival, USA, 2004, Shadow In the Wood

KROK animation film festival, Ukraine, 2004 Shadow In the Wood

Fort Lauderdale International film festival, USA, 2004 Shadow In the Wood

Shakespeare grove group exhibition, Carlisle arts space, st Kilda town Hall, 2018

Unspoken, Worlds Collide, screen installation 2016, State Library Melbourne

ScreenGrab7 International art prize (winner) Intentsity, December 2015, Townsville, Queensland

Lifestyle Choices, 4D studio Hub, June 2016, Balaclava, Victoria

MARS screens, Intentsity3D, Melbourne Central, Melbourne CBD 2016

From the studios, Bayside art gallery, Brighton, 2016

Becoming Language, WTS Watch This Space gallery, November 2015, Alice Springs, Northern Territory

MARS gallery, Cinema Novus, Prahran, July 2015, Melbourne

Fractured Universe, 4Dstudio Hub, November 2014, St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria

ScreenGrab6, TwilightShimmer, October 2014, Townsville, Queensland

A Window that isn’t there, Track, Strange Neighbour Gallery, July 2014, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Massive Love of Risk, Machine War CMAG Canberra Museum and Gallery, Canberra100festival, Oct 2013

Garden of the East Twilight Shimmer, February to June 2014, National Galllery of Australia, Canberra

Gertrude Street Projection Festival, Inside Outside, 2014, Melbourne

Spill,  Tasma Gallery, Parliament Place, March 2014, Melbourne

Locale, Glen Eira Town Hall Gallery, February 2014, Melbourne

Poetics of Relation, Fracture Gallery, Federation Square, November 2013, Melbourne

The Self and the other, residency with Art container Tokyo Symposium, Meiho Gifu prefecture and Tokyo, 1996

Everything that inspires Fashion
Lifestyle Choices, 4D gallery, Carlisle st St Kilda
Port Philip council funded show with Victor Holder

Steven Street, Photo Access Canberra
collaboration with D.I.G, Carl Looper and David Boon

Cathedral of Flesh - Machine War
Adelaide Fringe Festival, Old Adelaide Jail

CAS Collingwood Alternative School
GSPF Gertrude Street Projection Festival

Aboriginal Tent Embassy - Lifestyle Choices, Melbourne
Decolonizing Solidarity Text Workshop with Clare Land

Reverie Sans Frontiers, digital print
National Film and sound Archive, Canberra

The Self and the Other, Art Container Tokyo
video installations, Gifu and Tokyo art residency

Reverie Sans Frontiers
Cinema Nova, Carlton, Melbourne

Strange Neighbor gallery, Fitzroy Melbourne

Monash University Exhibition

Pile 11, Fitzroy Street
St Kilda Art Crawl, Melbourne

Shakespeare Grove group exhibition
Carlisle Art space, St Kilda town Hall
Monash University

Fokker' Mountain Path
Original musical score by Mischa Doumnov
Kerala documentary Festival, India
Adelaide Film Festival
Doc Leipzig, Germany

Twilight Shimmer
ScreenGrab 6 Townsville, Queensland
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
Monash MADA gallery

Worlds collide
State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
Original musical score by Alexander Nettlebeck
Design and choreagraphy by Sabine Johnsdorfer
curated by Anna Monea

30 seconds of entertainment
VCA School of film and Television stop motion
St Kilda Film festival

Johnny Junkfood in the 21st Century
VEA Australia/ Video Education America

Conversation Piece
Tong Tong festival, The Hague, The Netherlands

Canberra School of Art group exhibition
collaboration with Andy Webb

Lightbox installation
with DIG Digital Image Group, Street Theatre, Canberra

Analog Prints
with DIG Digital Image Group, Canberra Theatre, Canberra Festival

Poetic Interventions
with  Khalil Edgar Jureidini, Adelaide/ Canberra/ Sydney

Singapore the Art of Identity
documentary short on the Singapore Arts Festival

Girli Street children's 3D project
with Pepink at Boroubodour
, Yogyakarta Indonesia

Adelaide Fringe Festival
with Snuff Puppets

NAVA National Association of Visual Artists
Travel Grant New York

Monash University MADA Photomedia Digital Darkroom


Track, Strange Neighbour gallery
A window that isnt there curated by Michael Vale

Reverie Sans Frontiers
in collaboration with Carl Looper and Aladdin Sisalem
original music by Kelly Ryall
Seattle International film festival
Asian Cinevision, New York
Melbourne international film festival
Foyle 35mm film festival, Londonderry, Ireland
Monterrey International film festival
Interfilm Berlin

Shadow In the wood
Original Music by Mikelangelo and Machine Translations
Sydney film festival Dendy Awards
St Kilda Film festival
Damah Film festival, USA
Interfilm Berlin

This King of Thing
original Music by Machine Translations
Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria

Cinema Novus
Mars Gallery, Melbourne

ScreenGrab 7: Resistance  Townsville Prize, Queensland

Spill, Parliament Place gallery, Melbourne
curated by Anna Daly

Extending the use of Vernacular Photography
PhD thesis, Monash University

Poetics of Relation
Fracture Space, Federation Square, Melbourne

with Ieuan Weinman and Hartmut Viet

Intentsity 3D
MARS gallery and Melbourne Central, Melbourne

Plant C - Interference
Kings gallery, Melbourne
WTC Watch This Space Alice Springs, Northern Territory

Gorman House Festival
Ralph Wilson Theatre, Canberra

Glen Eira
gallery,  Melbourne

Golden sound Lounge, Flowers of Gold, Splinters Inc
Kingston Bus Depot, Canberra

Guardians of the concourse, Canberra Festival, Splinters

Massive Love of Risk, Canberra100 Centenary exhibition
CMAG, Canberra Museum and Gallery

National Gallery of Australia
Leo haks collection research

Bondi short Film Festival

DIG Digital Image Group Sonic Boom
with the Post Arrivalists, Les Girls, Kings Cross, Sydney

The Love Chariot
Machine War with splinters Inc at SummerNats, Natex Centre, Canberra

ANRC Australia Netherlands Research Collaboration travel grant
KITLV research centre Leiden
NIOD Holocaust Genocide and War research centre Amsterdam