Course Description and Outcomes

The First Year Experience course is a 3-credit course designed to address the challenges incoming students face and to familiarize students with the opportunities available at The Lincoln University. Topics addressed in the course include:
  • the Historical Black College and University tradition in general and the Lincoln University tradition in particular, 
  • the academic programs available at The Lincoln University,
  • development of social skills and academic skills for collegiate success, 
  • the rules and regulations governing campus conduct, and
  • the support services available on campus
Students will attend lectures, recitals, and convocations offered throughout the semester as the basis for class discussions.  Students will also participate in library research/computer literacy, writing, speaking, and critical thinking. This course will be taken in the freshman year and monitored by the Freshmen Year Program. 
Learner Outcomes:
Students will able to:
1) Identify and demonstrate effective study techniques through quizzes and tests. 
2) Describe significant events in the history of Lincoln University in group discussions. 
3) Demonstrate a satisfactory awareness of financial literacy appropriate for today’s college students.
4) Conduct library research and demonstrate Information and Technological Competency; Students will be required to effectively access, research and obtain college resources and online sources; and prepare a written assignment.
5) Communicate effectively through written communication and oral communication utilizing digital formats. - Students will submit weekly emailed assignments and participate in weekly group discussions. 
6) Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills.
7) Develop an academic plan for completion of the general education requirements needed for gradation. 
8) Produce a log that confirms the ability to locate campus resources and support services locations. 
9) Develop an awareness and appreciation for community service.