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The children of Joseph Ludington, (1841-1911) taken at his funeral gathering

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A Threshing Scene, 1909, near Woodstock, Oxford Co, Ontario
The City of Ludington, Michigan, population abt 10,000, was named after James Ludington (NY-1827- WI-1891), a land developer/lumber baron, who lived in Wisconsin but also owned large timber tracts in Upper and Lower Michigan?

Col Henry Ludington (CT-1739-NY-1817) of Dutchess Co NY, was a militia officer during the American Revolution, and he had his daughter, Sybil, go on a midnight ride to warn her father's troops that they were needed to repel the British attack on neighboring Danbury CT?

8¢ 1975 stamp, Sybil Ludington Riding Horse
Sybil Ludington, the midnight rider, has a statue in her likeness, in both Carmel NY and in the lobby of the Daughters of the American Revolution building in Washington DC., and that the US Postal Service dedicated an 8 cent stamp in her honor in 1975?

William Luddington an, English weaver, sailed to Massachusetts about 1637 along with his wife, Ellen Nichol Luddington, and son Thomas, and settled near present day Malden MA? He lived there for about 20 years and then moved down to East Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut, where he established himself as a good citizen before passing on in 1661. Some of his descendants live there to this day while others have spread out all over North America. Are you related to this branch? Henry and his daughter were!

Ludington and Luddington is the same family name. Some folks decided to drop one 'D' in the name either by their own decision or through the actions of a careless census taker, or perhaps a recording clerk, that thought only one 'D' was required in the name?

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Come and meet lost relatives or find out how you fit in ! "

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