The Role of Oppressing

Throughout history, there is always a person that is less forunate than the other. It has become apparent that for their to be a person of power, there has to be a person who is oppressed. It seems to me the one of power will always have to supress the oppressed in order to keep their power. However, their power is usually taken out of their hands when the oppressed revolt. 

Look at the Civil War. Once the North took the upper hand in the country, they immediately took this too their advantage of the betterment of their own. "The North clearly had the upper-hand in the Federal Government. At the time of the Civil War, Lincoln was the president. Being from the Massachusetts himself, he held the ideals of the North. Furthermore, Lincoln would sway towards the Northern opinion on instinct rather than the South. The power the North had ultimately led to repressing the South. The South knew the North depended on their economy, however, because the federal government favored the South, it would take something big to change this. " (Draft #2) To ensure their power, the North would continue to repress the South by placing merciless tarriffs on them. They would than continue to hurt the South by abolishing slavery, which was the Souths main source of income. The North would continue to beat the South down, and keep them down in order to keep their power. However, like Howard Zinn said, "Revolt is always an inch below the surface", therefore the South would not continue to stay oppressed forever. So, when the South decided to revolt, a full blown Civil War broke out.

Sandro, from Bus 174 is another person that has been oppressed. " Sandro from Bus 174 had such suppressed terrible memories of being a street kid that he made himself a symbol for the rest of them. Sandro was shunned from society when he needed it the most. He saw constant violence and concealed for so long that it was bound to come out eventually. Unfortunately, his revolt was not unlike most, negative."(THIS I BELIEVE 2.2) Sandro had been oppressed by all of society. The police had even been willing to massacre street kids. They justified the killings by stating they were "cleaning up the streets". However, all they were doing was creating more chaos. Sandro witnessed the massacre, along with other street kids. He was supressed for so long, that his violence came out in the form of a hijack. Like Howard Zinn said, "The memory of oppressed people is on thing that cannot be taken away."

    Throughout history, it is clear that there is always going to be an oppressed person. However,  being oppressed will not go unnoticed by the oppressed. Howard Zinn states, in A People's History of the United States, "Blacks, cajoled by Supreme Court decisions and congressional statues, rebelled. Women, wooed and ignored, romanticized and mistreated, rebelled. Indians, thought dead, reappeared, defiant. Young people, despite lures of career and comfort, defected. Working people, thought soothed by reforms, regulated by law, kept within bounds by their own unions, went on strike. Government intellectuals, pledged to secrecy, began giving away secrets. Priests turned to piety to protest" (634). Like their will always be an oppressed, it may be possible that revolt is always just around the corner.
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