About us

I have learned many things from my dad about the old trade of cutting stone, but the most important thing I have learned is this: "Lucy Mae, you must make sure you give them all the time they need. This business is not about how quickly you can finish a stone, but about making sure each person has the respected time to design a special, unique stone for their loved one that is going to last forever." 

In January 2007, my father Todd Martin offered me his gravestone business. It did not take me long to say yes, as my family and I have watched him build a successful business that helps people through one of the most difficult times in their lives.

In 1995, my dad started NW Monument Cleaning. He was cleaning headstones, privately and commercially. The business progressed in 1996, when he was approached to make a headstone, at which point he started Todd's Handcarved Monuments. Due to a high volume of phone calls for headstones, my dad began sandblasting each stone rather than hand-carving. He then changed the business name one last time to Todd's Monuments, and we have been creating traditional and one-of-a-kind headstones ever since.