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A Pet's View

They’ve been climbing into that small space in the ceiling and got lots of boxes down – I like boxes.

A green funny tasting tree they have put up in the room – I like to play with things they have put on – but I don’t think they are so keen for me to do so. This tree shines when it gets dark and I like those things too.

I get some nice extra bits of meat at this strange time.

They are times I am bit afraid during this – what do they call it – season? -  because there can be loud voices – they don’t seem happy now – and then later everything goes quieter – back to nice normal sound.

They give me presents – that are all right – but I like what they come in – I jump in the paper and love it when it is another box.

Apart from these odd things now it is a quite an ordinary time for me – food, some play and sleep – who could ask for more.