P o e t r y      ~   S o n g s   o f   h e  r   M y s t e r y  ~ 

 Spirit of Woman

Oh spirit of life, bold spirit of woman,

it is time now for me to fearlessly behold my own beauty

and to tremble in the tender fragrance

of my own robust and irrepressible blooming,

to be the presence that sees,

that knows, that bows to beauty.

No longer the tremulous aching for the other,

the parched and barren waiting to be beheld.

My roots tap the quick of the endless source,

my branches seek the eternity of all that dwells beyond,

my wings arch out forever

and I am love, whole and true.

No longer the waiting to be received,

I receive myself,

I open and behold this radiant shining,

my heart a fruitful bounty bursting forth

it’s juicy red seeds upon the opened Earth.

My womb an eternal well

of all that is becoming.

I am upright and proud

I have the profound courage to walk in my beauty

because it is my birthright.

Who am I to think that I might lack

a decipherable language of love,

as though I were mute and blind in the darkness.

It is time to truly behold the woman

and to allow each quivering footstep

to truly land upon the ground of my being,

that the world and the Earth and the heavens

may receive me,

the fragrant and fierce

and fecund and proud

beauty that is woman.

                       "Beheld"  © 2013

"She Drums the Moon" © 2005

She Drums the Moon

 She wraps me

in her abundant mantle of growth

and in the psychic ebb of her darkness

she allows me to die.

And in her radiant flow

I am reborn,


She waxes and wanes

through the warp and weft

of my days and nights.

Her rhythm , a sacred song

weaving the loose ends of my universe

into her intricate pattern.

My womb is the cup

from which her song spills forth.

She is the barrenness

and the overflowing.

She companions

the pilgrimage of my descent

and guides the emergence

of my becoming.

Like the passage of my heart

across the cobbled sky,

she leads me ever deeper

into my luminous shining,

the space of me reflecting the holy light.

She leads me ever-deeper

into the unfathomable darkness

of all that is unknown

and unknowable within me.

Forever changing ever-presence,

She drums the moon

across the vast ocean of my being.

Bringing me home

Rachel and the Terraphim


From her fathers house she flees,

and from his barren grasp

she claims her birthright,

for in her folds, the Terraphim she holds.

Stolen in the dark of night

she risks her life

to carry forth her mothers lore,

the earthen reverence of this female line.

Beneath her skirts her lifeblood flows

into the Earth of the Mother,

renewing and restoring life to the land.

And there she hides her sacred charge

from Laban's prying hand.

And still it flows and always will

from the womb of woman,

 the wisdom never ceasing,

the line of the ancient lore

hidden in the blood.

"Rachel  & the Terraphim" ©

"The  Goddess  Dances" ©
Her body sings

Flowing from beneath her are her deep, dark roots,

the scarlet river connecting her to her earthen bed,

the vast becoming of She,

nourishing her with the deep sweet waters of the mother

everpresent and holy.


Her pelvis is the cup of this moon,

a luminous delicate holding of the waters of the womb,

the oceanic pulsing of creation,

 birth and renewal,

release and surrender.


Around her waist a girdle of stars revolve,

in synchronized clarity,

navigating the true path of her power,

blazing away all that would hold her away

from all that she is.


Her heart is the love that calls creation forth

from the flowing waters

into its abundant glow,

the divine mystery of its reciprocated beating

into foreverness,

into fullness.


At her throat wildflowers bloom,

speaking the beauty that is the true wisdom of her being,

they sing and are swayed by the song.

Birds come to drink there

and the world is filled with her fragrance.


Within her mind lies the crystal deep within the earth,

the seed star deep in the sky,

that is seeing the path,

sourcing the love,

filling the cup,

illuminating the way

into the dark cavern of her body.

And upon her head a crown,

the pulsating immanence of divinity,

the prescient deity

the pure light of He

that is the equal and opposite

of the darkness that is She.