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Princess Vanessa


  Best Friends Forever
Bee Family        
(Sold separately)   

Bride and Groom
(Sold Separately)

    Cute Skirt Girl
                                                           Valentine Boy "what can I say?"
                                   Valentine Boy, "Be mine"

Valentin girl XO

Shortcut to Happiness

     Classy Dancer

Ball Cap Boy
 Pretty Dancer
I love you stripes       
                                     Valentine Girl "I love you"

Valentine flowers


  Dancing Through Life
Soccer Player      

Going Fishing Boy
  Fancy Dancer
Happy Valentines word  
                                      Valentine Girl "be Mine"

Valentine Cow
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Sticker Name DescriptionHoliday Page Link
Sticker Name DescriptionHoliday Page Link
Best Friends Forever Best Friends Forever Vinyl Sticker  Best Friends Forever 
Soccer Player Soccer Player Vinyl Sticker  Soccer Playrer 
Bee Family  Bee Family Vinyl Sticker  Bee Family 
Bee Mom Bee Mom Vinyl Sticker  Bee Mom 
Bee Dad Bee Dad Vinyl   Bee Dad 
XO Girl Girl holding giant heart with XO on it Valentines XO Girl 
From Your Secret Admirer Flowers Cute Flowers with the words From Your Secret Admirer Valentines From Your Secret Admirer 
Don't Have a Cow Cow and the words "Don't Have a Cow I Love You!" Valentines Dont have a Cow 
Be Mine Boy  Boy holding flowers and the words "Be Mine" Valentines Be Mine Boy 
I love U girl cute Girl and the words "i love U Valentines I love U Girl 
What can I say boy Boy holding a flower and the words "What can I say I love you " Valentines  What can I say boy 
I love you stripes  Words "l Love You" that are striped and the o in love is a flower Valentines I love you stripes 
Happy Valentines Day  Words "Happy Valentines Day" Valentines Happy Valentines Day 
Cute Skirt Girl Cute Girl in a skirt  Cute Skirt Girl 
Pretty Dancer Pretty Ballet Dancer  Pretty Dancer 
Fancy Dancer Cute Ballet girl on her toes and holding wands  Fancy Dancer 
Bride  Bride  Bride 
Groom Groom with a bow tie   Groom 
Ball Cap Boy  Boy with a ball cap on   Ball Cap Boy 
Fishing boy  Boy with a fishing pole and a sign that says"goin' Fishin' "  Fishing Boy 
Cheerleader Cheerleader  Cheerleader 
Be Mine Girl Dancing Girl with the words Be Mine  Valentines Be Mine Girl 
Classy Dancer Classy Ballet Dancer   Classy Dancer 
Nancy Nacy dancer  Nacy 
Dancing Through Life Ballet shoes with the words "Dancing through Life"  Dancing Through Life 
Sara Ballet Dancing Girl  Sara 
Shortcut to Happiness Words "Shortcut to Happiness"  Shortcut to Happiness 
Showing 27 items