Rabbit LNY Party 2011

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Casa CornIto
Saturday, February 5, 2011, 7:00 post meridien

Honored Rabbits
Pat Wade
Brian Miyamoto
Delaina Law
Richard Erickson

Arrival Fare
Hot & Sour Soup with Pork Threads, Shiitake & Cloud Ear Mushrooms, & Lily Buds,
Sweet & Sour Eggplant "Baba Ghanouj" with Shrimp Chips
"Silken" Kinugoshi Tofu Cups with Scallions, Ginger, & Soy Sauce

Grilled Chicken Drummzettes Rubbed with Thai Chili, Garlic, Shallots, & Lemongrass
Pork "Riblets" Braised in1-2-3-4-5 Sauce (Watch out for bones!)
Sister Shirley's Shrimp & Asparagus Stir Fry with Black Bean Sauce
Rabbit Greens and Velvet Beef Dressed with a Worldly Dressing
Mabo "Spring Rain" Harusame Noodles with King Trumpet & Enoki Mushrooms
Roast Duck from Sam Woo's
Spicy Haricots Verts with Carrots & Shiitake Mushrooms
Baby Shanghai Choy with Oyster Sauce Drizzle
Chow Mein with Two Tofus, Maitake Mushrooms, Yu Choy Greens, & Bamboo Shoots
Kabocha Squash Smashed with Ginger, Red Onions, & "Nuta" Miso Dressing
(The kabocha seeds were hand-carried from Hokkaido, Japan to Lompoc by Shu Takigawa!)
Steamed Jasmine Rice

Traditional Fold:  Pork
Half Moon Fold:  Turkey with Fragrant Black Beans
Three-Cornered Hat Fold:  Shiitake Mushrooms, Bamboo Shoots, & Water Chestnuts
3-2-1 Dipping Sauce

Sweet Treats
Brother Hugo's Oxnard "Well-Pict #269" Strawberries (Picked today at7:00am!)
Sister Flora's Earl Grey Tea Wafers
Dorayaki Cakes from Mother and Father Ito
John Dumas' Torta di Riso

With thanks to:

Team Potsticker
Lucy's Parents Ken & Suzie, Hugo, Flora, Shirley, Cousin Kathy, David, & Tanya

Team CD
David Davis, Adam Berman, Michael Berman, Rachel Martin, Andy Carter, & Suzanne Blum

2010 Tree-Trimming Party

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2010 Tree-Trimming Party

Corn Research Group 

6:30 post meridian.....Wednesday, December 22, 2010.....Casa CornIto

 aaron, Mike, WenJuan, Ying, Yulin, Iuliana & Nate, Nico & Sean, Andrej, Rob & Lucy 


Arrival Fare:

 Puff pastry shells with butternut squash purée

Smoked Salmon with Masago & Sour Cream

Atop Belgian Endive Boats

Savory Fare:

Shrimp with Thai Green Curry-Coconut Milk Wash over Baby Arugula

Wild Rice & Brown Rice with Shiitake & Carrots

Watercress, Persimmon, & Smoked Oyster Salad

Grape Tomato-Cumin Sautée

Sweet Fare:

 Iuliana's Pear & Berry Pie 

Holiday Fruit Flutes with or Without Prosecco 

Assorted Christmas Cookies

Saturday Afternoon with The Hoeys

posted Mar 27, 2010, 5:52 PM by Lucy Ito

Christening the New Courtyard
On the Occasion of Melissa's Girl Scout Cookie Delivery
Casa CornIto
27 March 2010
Shirly, Leonard, Kimberly, Melissa, Rob, & Lucy 

Chinese Chicken Salad from Rascal's

Roast Duck from Sam Woo's

Broiled Zucchini Blossoms

Broiled Asparagus

Broiled Tomatoes

Steamed Rice with Plum-Sesame Seed Furikake

A Tasting Tour of the Robert Mondavi Winery

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9 November 1996
7:00 post meridian
Casa CornIto

New Wave Oyster & Shrimp Shooters with Wasabi Pearls & Spiced Tomato Water
1994 Napa Valley Fumé Blanc

Mussel & Saffron Bisque
1994 Napa Valley Chardonnay

Tomato Risotto with Petite Herb Salad & Brown Butter Vinaigrette
1994 California Sangiovese

Roasted Vegetable Napoleon
1993 Napa Valley Pinot Noir Reserve

Grilled Lamb Loin Chops with Cabernet Thyme Sauce & Sautéed Spinach with Garlic
1974/1990/1992 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Moscato d'Oro Sorbet and Ginger Spice Cookies
1994 Napa Valley Moscato d'Oro

LNY 2005 Menu: Year of the Rooster

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05 February 05
7 o'clock Post Meridien
Casa CornIto

"Loong Kong" Chickens Steeped with Szechuan Peppercorns

Roast Duck (from S.W. SEAFOOD & BBQ)

Grilled Boneless Beef Ribs with Shishito Peppers

Littleneck Clams with Black Beans, Ginger, Scallions, & Garlic

Pea Shoots Stir-Fried with Ginger

Lucy's Sister Shirley's Baby Back Pork Ribs
Grilled with Hoisin-Orange Glaze

Potstickers:  A Three-Way Tribute to the Rooster's Cousins:
Traditional Fold:  Chicken, Garlic Chives, & Cilantro
Nurse's Hats:  Ostrich, Garlic Chives, & Oyster Sacue
Four-Cornered Purses:  Duck, Fennel, & Ginger

Blanched Baby Bok Choy with Oyster Sauce Drizzle

Yow Choy Sum with Black Vinegar & Sesame Oil Dressing

Braised Spicy Eggplant

Hot Pot of Tofu, Napa, Shiitake, Lobster/Shrimp/Cuttlefish Balls

Steamed Jasmine Rice

Camarillo Strawberries Grown by Hugo (Picked today!!!)

LNY 2010 Menu - Year of the Tiger

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2010 Year of the Tiger

February 13, 2010     -     7 o'clock post meridian     -     Casa CornIto     -     Corona del Mar, California

Arrival Fare

"No Spoon" Miso Soup with Silken Tofu, Scallions, & Enoki Mushrooms

Fresh-Caught San Diego Tuna Sashimi with Daikon Radish Sprouts & Wasabi Dressing

Sister Flora's Grilled Beef Teriyaki Skewers

Buffet Dishes

Sister "Tiger" Shirley's BBQ Baby Back Pork Ribs with Apricot-Ginger Glaze

 Thai Green Curry with Coconut milk, Five-Spice Tofu, Eggplant, & Bell Peppers

Char Siu Pork & Roast Duck From Sam Woo's Atop Pea Shoots

"Good Luck" Eggs  Marbled with Yunnan Tea & Sprinkled with Szechuan Pepper-salt

Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce Drizzle

Minneola Orange-Flavored "Buffalo" Chicken Wings & Drummettes

"Mabo Dofu" with Ground Turkey (Mala-Flavored Spicy Tofu)

Crockle Clams Steamed in Sake & Fragrant Black Bean Sauce

Tiger Shrimp Exploded on a Bed of Chow Mein with Chinese Long bean "Valentines", Shiitake, & Grape Tomatoes 

(Inspired by Sister BarBar'a's Poetic discovery)

Salad Greens Dressed with That Special Korean Touch

Steamed Jasmine Rice 

Potstickers with "3-2-1" Dipping Sauce

Traditional Fold:  Ground Pork with Ginger, Garlic, Cilantro Stems, & Garlic

Three-Cornered Hat Fold:  Pressed Tofu, Scallions, & Oyster Sauce

Wonton Fold:  Whole Shrimp, Cilantro Leaves, & Ginger

Sweet Things

Brother Hugo's Strawberries Grown in Camarillo & Harvested This Morning!

Back by Popular Demand!  Sister Flora's Earl Gray Tea Wafers

Mother & Father Ito's "Dorayaki" Treats with Chestnut & Sweet Red Bean Fillings

Matt's 25th Birthday Cake from Gina & Michael

See's Chocolates from Neighbor Lori


"Ramune" Poppers & Assorted Sodas

Fruit Juice Packs

Aranciata & Limonata by Pellegrino

Assorted Wines & Beer

Cold Green Tea Cans

Pelligrino Sparkling Water

Moonshine--Homemade Plum Wine (2008 Harvest

Tigers of Honor

Kenichi Ito (Lucy's Brother)

Michael Payne

Shelby Cutter

Wayne Wilson

Shirley Ito (Lucy's Sister)

David Davis (Lucy/Rob's Sorta-Bro-in-Law)

Shelly Bravo

Dave Sneed

John Dumas

Chris Maines

Steve Lozano

Michael & Julie Salmon

Bob Miyamoto (Lucy/Rob's Nephew)

Team Potsticker

Mother & Father Ito (Ken & Suzie)

Kenichi "Tiger" Ito

Hugo Ito

Flora Ito

Shirley "Tiger" Ito

Tanya "Honorary sister" Cao

Gina, Michael, & Matt Carter

Christina & Frank Kang

Shirly Quan, Leonard Hoey, & Kimberly


A Japanese Meal … with a Few Twists

posted Dec 29, 2009, 1:35 AM by Lucy Ito

In Celebration of Kim's Journey along The Silk Road.
In Anticipation of James' January Trip to Japan.
And, In Thanks to Greg, Kim, John, & James for Wonderful Meals Shared.

Casa CornIto
Monday, 28 December 2009, 6:30 Post Meridian
Corona del Mar

To Start:  Sashimi (Raw Fish) Three Ways
Yamakake ("Draped Mountain") ~ Long Yam Grated over Tuna
Ika Somen (Squid Threads) wrapped in Shiso Leaves
Hamachi with White Truffle Oil & Balsamic Vinegar
Uni (Sea Urchin) with Kaiware (Radish Sprouts)

A Winter Alternative to Soup
Chawan Mushi (Steamed Savory Egg Custard)

Bento Bako:  A Literal Lunch Box
Sake Kasu (Broiled Salmon Marinated in Sake Lees)
Hiyayakko {Cold Silken Tofu with Green Onions & Ginger)
Nasu Salad (Eggplant with Daikon Radish & Ginger)
Natto (Fermented Soy Beans)
Nuta (Blanched Green Onions with Miso Dressing)

On the Side
Kyuri to Harusame (Cucumber with "Spring Rain" Noodles)
Steamed Short-Grain White Rice with…

Tsukemono (Assorted Pickles) & Nori
Purple:  Shibazuke (Cucumber, Eggplant, Red Shiso)
Green:  Ao shiso no Mi (Radish, Eggplant, Cucmber, Green Shiso)
Yellow:  "Maui" Takuan (Daikon Radish)
Red:  Umeboshi (Plum, Red Shiso)
Ajitsuke Nori (Seasoned Seaweed)

Some Sweet Things
Toasted "An" Mochi (Rice Cake with Red Bean Filling)
Yokan (Sweet Aspics)
"Fuyu" Persimmon Slices

Shiranami Genshu
Arazake Genshu
Tama no Hikari Saké
Yuzu Komachi (Citron Wine)
Ume Shu (Homemade Plum Wine a.k.a. CDM Moonshine) 
Green Tea

A Midwinter Repast in Honour of Rabbie Burns

posted Dec 27, 2009, 4:03 PM by Lucy Ito

28 January 1994
7:00 p.m.

*** I ***

Scotch Salmon with Herbed Angel Biscuits
Smoked Trout with Horseradish Mousse

Tattinger NV Domaine Carneros Champagne
Castello Gancia NV Italian Champagne

*** II ***

Oysters with Smoked Bacon in Chive Cream Sauce

1988 Iron Horse Champagne

*** III ***

Leek and Wild Mushroom Soup

1987 Gruaud-La Rose

*** IV***

Roast Leg of Lamb with Rosemary, Juniper Berries and Garlic
Black Currant Jam
Roasted Potatoes 
Assorted Root Vegetables

1981 Léoville-Barton
1978 Beychevelle

*** V ***

Scotch Plaid Salad

*** VI ***

Lemon Curd Tart
Stilton Cheese


Bonny Doon Vin de Glacière

A Wee Nip

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