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Video is a great media that has been used in class but can I use video in an online format?  Yes you can but keep in mind how and why you would use video.   With the TeachAct and Fair Use there are limitations to the way you can use video in an online format which will be discussed in more detail in the section on “Copyright”. 

This section on video will give examples of ways to use video in your course.

Making your own video

Faculty can record short video clips and make these videos available online.   Videos introductions are a great way to create a presence in your online teaching environment.   It also offers one way to save time in a face to face course.  For example going over a syllabus in a video would create additional classroom time for lecture.  Short 5 to 10 minute clips are easy to create using a webcam or a digital camera.  Once the video has been recorded it can be uploaded to Ignation and made available online.  The staff of the Digital Media Labs at both the Lakeshore and Watertower campuses are available to guide you through the creation and posting process.  The Digital Media Lab also offers an equipment loan program to provide video recording equipment. 

Video (Films, documentaries, etc)

Loyola does not have the resources to convert or stream movies, however, the Audiovisual Department of the Loyola University Library has access to many paid for and free streaming video resources.  The Loyola librarian assigned for your dept may be able to assist you in finding streamed videos or purchasing licensing to stream the video.  Please provide a list of videos that you intend to use prior to your course.  There may be a streaming option that allows you to simply provide a web link to your students. 

Best Practices:

  • Contact Audiovisual department of the Library for assistance in procuring a streamed video.
  • When using video in an online class it is best to have your students watch the video independently before an asynchronous or synchronous online discussion.   Watching a video during a synchronous session can be difficult due to bandwidth and connection issues not within the control of the instructor.

Screenshot of Ignation website:

To explore Ignation, please visit:


Ignation -

Here are a few streaming video catalogues that Loyola has subscribed to. 

The websites listed below are just a selected number of websites that offer free streaming video lectures and programs. Software to view streaming is available to download on most sites.