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Instant messanger (pronto)

Pronto is an instant messaging tool.  Pronto is unique in that it allows students and faculty enrolled in a Blackboard course to communicate via voice or text when they are online.

To activate Pronto, participants must first download the Pronto client and register.  The Pronto client can be downloaded from any Blackboard course under the communications area. Pronto could be used by students to communicate with one another or to work on a group project.  Faculty could use Proto as a tool to conduct office hours or to address student questions.

Pros & Cons



All students within a course are automatically able to see others in the class that are also using Pronto. Pronto client needs to be downloaded
Automatic message log saving is available to keep a record of interactions. Automatic message log saving is not enabled by default and must be turned on manually.
Group chat allows a specified group of users to work together online. This feature is similar to Blackboard chat.
Audio chat feature is available

Best Practices
  • Share expectations for how chat should be used when interacting with faculty and peers.
  • Remind students early in the semester to download the client.
  • Create a low-stakes/no-stakes use of Pronto to allow students to become familiar with the functionality.
  • Share guidelines for when and how you will interact with students through Pronto.
  • Make sure the message log saving is enabled.